Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I was in Harvey Nichols last week, when i spotted this beaut! Although it did kindof stand out from the rest...ha! Not subtle at all...which is why i like it. I have the tendency to play it safe with handbags, in fact most of mine are brown...grey...mushroom..etc etc But occasionally i'll go a little wild and buy something completely outrageous. I love love love this cluth bag, and it's a really satisfying weight (haha) It was around £800 so I said my goodbyes, and we parted. :( Goodbye Alexander McQueen clutch...*waves*
I then carried on round to the perfume, and was happily surprised to see the John Galliano perfume, which, by the way A* for the packaging JG! John Galliano is one of my favourite designers, and it's easy to tell he's a designer from the packaging, even the box is amazing! BUT when i sprayed it...as much as i desperatley wanted to fall in love with the scent so i could buy it, i didn't really like it. My boyfriend nicley described it as "Older woman scent". Damn.


  1. you can find dupes on ebay in a variety of different styles

  2. Love this Clutch...

    XO Chantal

  3. OMG!! I have the Alexander McQueen clutch and im 11! Anyway as I am 11 I never got a good chance to use it and sold it on ebay

    1. as if you got one when you were 11! so jealous!

  4. we have same thinking always want change in brand it very beautiful clutch but it useful in occasionally only.

    accessories for women

  5. Old lady scents never are nice...

  6. My mother LOVESSSSSsssssssssssss JG! John Galliano