Friday, 20 February 2009

Want & Love

At work today, i was sorting through some wallpaper samples when i came across a range i absoloutely fell in love with... These designs are by Lizzie Allen, all are hand screen printed. I have never seen anything so cute! The Phone Box is lifesize!They come with a hefty price tag though. sob. damn those designer wallpapers!

Something else I am wanting & Loving is this Disney Couture necklace (14 Ct Gold Plated Magic Castle Pendant). I have been oggling this one for a while, and i keep going back to to see if it's still there. It always is, i just haven't clicked "add to basket" yet. It's time will come... ;)


  1. i really love this i want 1 to... hoping my boyfriend will buy me it ... i really like the tinkerbell and the pearl one they have as well

  2. hehe, yeh that one is darn cute! I hope your boyfriend gets the hint. :) x

  3. did you ever get the necklace? I love it, and have it myself. I love disney couture, the love of Disney and pretty things. do great disney couture x