Saturday, 7 March 2009

In & Out.

I thought i'd join in with the whole "In & Out", "Up & Down" blogs.
  • Soap & Glory Mother Pucker lip glosses - MY GOD I'm in love. They taste of chocolate, arent too sticky, stay for hours and are lip plumping. *thumbs up*
  • Mini Milks - Just love em. I don't care if they are meant for kiddlywinks..they're darn tasty. Although i can't eat just one..
  • The Lady in boots being utterly shocked at how many boots points i have on my card and reminding me i do have loads and can spend them. yay.
  • Ribena 2 for £1.50. Mmm, i was so thirsty and ribena is my FAVE drink heart skipped when i saw that. (Im so frickin' sad)
  • Having 71 followers. :O Yay, Thanks guys
  • Getting my little package from Posey. I was like a kid at made my day!


  • Mac being so busy that it totally put me off anything apart from the Pink Fish lip conditioner in the HK collection...everything else i was kindof dissapointed with. I think it could have something to do with it being so jam packed i wanted to leave. I also looked at the grand duo blushes..but when your mother is stood waiting for you and theres no room to move...theyre just not as enticing.
  • The snotty crappy girls that work in superdrug who think they're too special to serve u with a smile or put any effort into anything...AND who overcharge and complain that they have to refund me...TUH
  • Oasis...I just can't seem to EVER find anything i like in there anymore.
  • Crappy saturday night television..bring back blind date i say.


  1. Aww i havent even got a boots card :(.
    I know mac was so so busy today, i hate the snotty people who work in superdrug to they are rude and dont even smile .

  2. It's like they dont want to be there, when in fact they should be greatful they have a job as so many people don't atm! x

  3. I gotta check out those motherpucker lipglosses now! Oh and I def. agree with the crappy sat. night t.v.!

  4. Go on, how many boots points?

    When I worked at Boots the most I think I ever saw was £310 worth :)

  5. I work at Boots.. we're muchos better then Superdrug but thats because im biased :D I think iv seen about 500pounds on a card.. madness!!! I only have 1pound :o/

    I also hate it when MAC is super busy, especially as my local counter is tiny!! x

  6. wow, here you only had 71 followers, now you have 20268, that what 3 years of had work does for you :)

  7. wow Zoe i hope in 3 years my blog can grow like yours. I have been stuck on 37 followers for a while now. oh I also just wanna add I am in love with your shop and make up brushes have just bought a set for my best friend to try as I heart mine very much. xx