Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I went shopping. Eee.

Good Evening my lovelies.
These are a few of the things i've bought over the past few weeks.

First is a bit of a Lush loot.
There was an offer on, if you spent over £20 you got a free goody bag.
And that is what i got...

I Bought...
♥ Honey I washed the kids soap (mm smells so good. had get a new one as my dad sneakily used up my last one)
♥ Aqua Mirabilis body butter
♥ Amandopondo bubble bar (round & white at the front)
♥ Happy Pill bath ballistic
♥ MA Bar bubble bar (Brown & white - my FAVE)
♥ Blackberry bath ballistic (Blue one)
♥ Avobath ballistic (Green one)
♥ Angels on Bare Skin cleanser

The Freebies...
♥ Skinny Dip Buttercream (smells VILE -Don't think i'll be using this...and they gave me so much)
♥ I Love Juicy shampoo (This smells gorgeous, cant wait to try it out)
♥ The Olive Branch solid perfume (My fave lush scent..i was actually looking to buy this the same day, so im glad i got it free)
♥ Glitter Bug massage bar (I LOVE the smell of this but not loving all the shimmer so much..any way of eliminating it?)
♥ Bathos bubble bar (If you like Parmoviolets then you'll love this..i i dont haha)

The Clothes & Accessories...
I bought this GORGEOUS dress in H&M. I love the shape, the fabric & the colours & i cannot wait to wear it. It would have looked nice at the wedding i went to...oh well.

I loove the detailing, it has hearts & birds :)

Next is a silk scarf from Warehouse which was in the sale. I thought it was super pretty & the colours meant it could be worn with pretty much anything..i also dont think i own enough scarf's.

I then bought a blue belt in Topshop. It's a waist belt with gold tigers on it. I liked this because it was different, the colour was striking & it actually FIT me. I find it incredibly hard to find waist belts that fit as im petite, and i can't wait to put this with an outift.

A close up of the tiger...RAWR!
Also in the Topshop sale i noticed this silky number. It was part of the Barbara Hulanicki range and was reduced from £40 to £15.
It's the top i am wearing in my previous post. (as some of you asked where it was from)
I also love the detailing on this one too. The pattern is of girls faces.
Super cute.

So that's my little collection of new goodies for you.
I also bought some Soap & Glory products yesterday which i will put in a seperate post, so look out for that one if you are interested.

I'm thinking of doing a blogpost on Lush products that i would reccommend and others i would steer clear of...would any of you be interested in reading that?


  1. Yes, yes, yes to the Lush post :) Lovely bits and bobs you picked up sweetie :) You could do a make up look inspired by those tops :) xxx

  2. Love the dress and scarf! You got some really fab bits, makes me want to go shops now! xxx

  3. awesome haul zoe! i love lush's honey stuff, and avobaths my fave bath bomb. i see you got aobs, have u tried the new dark angels on bare skin cleanser yet?

  4. @Javy - No i haven't! It looks pretty interesting though. Might have to try it after i get through this pot :) I used avobath last night. I LOVED it! xxx

  5. i would be interested in reading that, ive had some awful experiences with lush and wasted a lot of money on bad products :(

    for example, the honey bath bomb, that stained my boyfriends mums PERFECT white bath, bright yellow. i have never been so embaressed.


  6. oh wowwww,
    the tiger belt is sooooooo cool (:

  7. Amazing lush haul.. you got loads... i guess youll be smelling amazing for weeks :P!!

    And the blue sheer top is really cute! xx

  8. Great Haul! That blue top is gorgeous! Yes definitley do a Lush review I want to go shopping soon, so would be interesting to know!

  9. Ive never tried any lush products!..ever! I see it alot on it expensive?
    Im kinda on a budget at the mo..although saying that i just bought two dresses from H&M!..lolo oops! i will post them soon :)

  10. OOOOOh oooh pretty :) I LOVE all of the clothes!! And that belt is soo unique- love it!! Im really into flowy things lately and I can tell you are too :) That dress is lovely, cant wait to see you wear it!! I have never tried Lush and am trying to not ever- I dont need ANOTHER brand to get addicted to haahh!

  11. I LOVEEEE the clothes, so cute! :) Especially the flowy top you wore in your last post, gorgeous colour!

    Oh i hate being broke, I need to go shopping!!!


  12. Lovely haul hunni. I have that blue belt in black. It is GORGEOUS.

  13. Great haul! :) I love the belt and yes to the Lush post i like to find out what people recommend, i have wasted alot of money in the past.

  14. I am fascinated by your style. I love it!! I would love to hear your good/bad lush list!!! And the cleanser you got, do you like it??

  15. Wow great purchases!!! I would be very interested in hearing which Lush items are good or not. I love the clothing your purchased as well. The details are so unique & pretty. :)

  16. Wooooow...very nice! I loooove Lush especially the Dark Angels and Angels on Bare Skin. I want to try the shampoos now :D. The belt is super gorgeous too.

  17. Wow! That's such a great Lush offer! I hope they still have that on when I get paid.

  18. ma bar is yummy :)
    I adore that belt,I`ve never seen the blue before only the pink and black.Love the top too very pretty!

  19. lovely haul!!
    Be a smart shopper by taking advantage of printable coupons and get big discount offers on your every shopping at

  20. This haul looks and smells gorgeous! ;)


  21. oh, word of advice, steer clear of the glitter bug! a friend got me one as part of a present. i thought it was amazing until i tried it! the glitter goes everywhere. i looked like a glittering twilight vampire for about a week after i used it, and not in a good way either. i used it before bed and when i woke up, my sheets were glittery too! the bathroom was glittery, and so way the hallway. everytime you move, glitter falls off you. i spent two weeks getting all that damn glitter out of my house! so either i got a dud with way too much glitter, or it's one to keep away from!

    i love the sound of everything else you got though. :)

  22. Love love love the Barbara Hulanicki top, you have such a specific taste in clothes :)x

  23. The H&M dress is so pretty.. you must take pics for us to see! ^_^

  24. Please could you do the review on the Lush goodies pleeeeaaaaasssssse! I will be thrilled to read it...
    I also love the clothes you picked up. You have good taste for clothing!

  25. is there any way you could give me all of theese pretty things??
    *wink wink* ;)

    loves it all!

  26. Ooooh. I went to Lush yesterday, spent £13...was tempted to spend another £7 to get the goodie bag but thought it'd be a let down. But it sounds amazing! Was everything full size?? x

  27. @Stephanie - Yep! Full size of everything :) xxx

  28. I LOVE the ma bar from Lush, it smells too amazing!

  29. I got hesm white dress from H&M and i love it. I made a OOTD post on this outfit:) xx

  30. i do envy all of your products :O but just how on earth do you manage to use all those different soaps! i can't believe the numbeer of soaps you've bought! (counting all of your other posts, not just this one :) ) anyways, i love your blog! i don't usually wear much makeup and all, but you've def made me want to!

  31. I really need to go on a bit of a lush splurge! Totally love your blog, definitely great inspiration to get my girly side out more and share this kind of stuff too :)

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