Tuesday, 29 September 2009

CLOSED Bodyform Contest & LE Jemma Kidd Lipgloss

Now, when bodyform contacted me and asked if i'd like to hold a contest in order for one lucky lady to win prizes, of course i wasn't going to say no..especially when it's surrounding something almost all of us go through...

"That time of the month..ehem."

We all deal with PMS in different ways, personally, i try and believe i'm not affected by it at all...but if you asked my boyfriend & close family i'm sure they wouldn't agree with me.
To win the contest, all you need to do is leave me a comment telling me what you'd put in your

"Period Survival Kit"

Please be as creative as possible, make me laugh, make me cry...it's totally up to you.
Have fun with it :)

I will be judging the answers and the best one will win a girly dvd, some chocolates, bath salts etc..the perfect pampering kit! Everything you need to boost you're confidence.

This contest is UK only i'm affraid girlies (But for those of you in the US, have no fear as i will be holding my own contest very soon) & it will be closed on October the 12th at 6pm.

Another thing i want to mention is that Bodyform are collaborating with Jemma Kidd & as of the 12th October for a limited time, you can buy bodyform for around £1.50 with a free Jemma Kidd gloss worth £10.
A blummin good time to stock up me thinks! :)

Besides the free lipgloss, bodyform will also be feauturing useful information on the "Eve Appeal" on it's packaging.
Jemma is a long term supporter of the Eve Appeal, a charity which raises funds for research into gynaecological cancers. With Bodyform & Jemma Kidd both coming together with the Eve Appeal, it will raise awareness about gynaecological cancer & the symptoms.

Please feel free to visit the Eve Appeal website for more information, i think this is a subject that definitely is not addressed as much as it should.


I would also urge you to go to the bodyform website and take a look at another contest they are holding where you and a friend can win a chance to have a day at the Jemma Kidd school of makeup & take away a fabulous goody bag. This contest opens on the 12th October.


I hope that you will get involved, i'm really excited to see your responses.


  1. My Period Survival Kit would contain my trusty body form pads, some good pain killers, a hot water bottle, chocolate and preferably a comfy bed too!


  2. My period survival kit :

    My husband.
    (to bring me cups of tea, rub my belly, bring me choclate, buy me pantyliners and to scream at.)

    ..thats all I need!


  3. My period survival kit comes in two varying forms depending on how well I'm deailing with it...

    The Good: snuggling up in bed after an epic bubble bath with a hot water bottle, a whopping big bar of dairy milk, a rom-com on the go and one of my pussy cats to cuddle.

    The Bad: having a full-on rant to one of my loved ones about how rubbishey I feel, having a good cry whilst feeling sorry for myself and stamping around moaning and getting grouchy about everything.

    Both are very satisfying and definitely help me survice the period phase of each month.

  4. My perfect period survival pack would contain ibuprofen and a mini hot water bottle as must haves, I get really bad cramps!
    I would also have at hand, whenever needed, a masseuse :D as I also get really bad back pain for the first day or two.
    Also chocolate, lots of it!
    also some lush goodies to have a nice relaxing bath
    spare pads/tampons
    A nice big hoody to wrap up in

  5. Great post hunni. Yes, a free lipgloss will defo help when that time of the month comes in October :)

  6. Ooh my period survival kit would definitely contain a biiiig tub of Ben & Jerrys cookie dough icecream, a rom-com to either cry or laugh at depending on how bad i am that month, some bubble bath and a friend for me to whinge and rant at :D xx

  7. My period survival pack has to be FEMINAX tablets( total lifesavers!) and desperate housewives but mainly the series when John is the gardener..SO HOT! OH and a cuppa tea..oh and a wispa gold. haha thats it. love, SARAHIES xxxxxx

  8. My Kit would include:

    Pads/Tampons (obvss!)
    And things to keep me occipied to take my mind off the cramps which would be and ipod and a good book.
    i would also have baggy pants and tees to snuggle up in, along with skin care, making yourself feel good outside makes you feel good inside :)
    and then i nice hot bubble bath at the end of the day with a glass of wine and chocolate.

  9. "Most women hate PMS, I like it, its the only time of the month when I can be myself" I think the parentals were implying I enjoy the odd mood swing with this birthday card! The cheek lol x

  10. My kit would include :
    Pads/tampons depends . . .
    paracetamol for the pain (N)
    my ipod to keep myself occupied or my trusty macbook :)
    My sister to moan at and shout at lmao :L ( i always moan at my sister. . . . hey that's what they're for ;) )
    Clean hair not greasy and horrible :L
    And a lovely hot chocolate with a cadburys chocolate bar to dunk into it . . . Yumm :P


    eloise xoxo

  11. My period survival kit would include;

    Body Form
    Pain killers
    Heat pack
    Snuggly quilt and pillows
    Hot chocolate with marshmellos
    Chick flick
    Pleanty of magazines
    Bubble bath
    My BF to give me plenty of hugs

  12. My period survival kit;

    Bodyform & Tampons,
    Lavender heat bag,
    Warm bubble bath,
    Big oversized jumper, leggings & slippers,
    Ben & jerrys phish food & hot choccie!
    Aromatherapy oils & candles,
    Lots of chickflicks and magazine,
    Cuddles with my dog :)


  13. My survival kit would include;
    Sanitary towels,
    a heat pack,
    STRONG ibuprofen,
    spare knickers!
    a hot bath with lavender to soothe,
    A scary movie, because the more youre engaged in the movie, the less youll be thinking about you know what!
    and money, because shopping makes it all better! :D xx

  14. hot bath
    loads and loads of chocolate, scrap that. loads and loads of food!
    money to shop.
    someone to moan at.
    some one looking after me.
    my bed!
    and of course pads!

  15. My Survival Kit would be:

    *A GET OUT OF WORK FREE CARD!(if only they existed)
    *Big comfy Knickers
    *Youtube Videos
    *Unlimited icecream, chocolate and tea!
    *and my very simpathetic boyfriend to look after me!

  16. 1. Chinese food - I have a specific period favourite! lol
    2. Chocolate - galaxy caramel
    3. Hugs from my boyfriend
    4. Major shopping spree with impulse buys (cuz I'm hormonal!)
    5. "Duvet Day"
    6. Ibruprofen!! - life saver
    7. Hot water bottle
    8. Tissues - I once cried at a very touching episode of the simpsons lol
    9. Dirty Dancing - the movie, not actual sexual dancing...
    10. Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream - nuff said.
    11. A stack of mags - more, cosmo, glamour etc...
    12. A cardboard box - to hide all mirrors and scales which show period spots and bloat weight....ggrrrr...
    13. My laptop, for when I feel awful and don't want to leave the house

    Emmmm....think that's it although the list adjusts monthly lol

    Oh, I almost forgot - tampons!!

    I'll never forget the look of shock on my boyfriends face when he found one and I had to explain what it's use was...He ended up opening about three of them trying to figure out how they work......men!!!

  17. Ear plugs - to dull the annoying drawl of various males who talk stupidly loudly on conference calls due to the rapidly increasing gross ear hair mid-life inflicts upon them

    Sunglasses and headphones - to facilitate ignoring every and anyone who might be out to 'can I just stop you for a moment?' 'erm how about no, jog on'

    Alcohol...well it is medicial...

    Weighing scales and skinny jeans which lie rather than confirming you are as bloated and gross as you feel - possibly a mirror that 'airbrushes' your monthly spot-fest

    Mary poppins bag with a never-ending supply of sugary carbs, or sugar and carbs

    Lush bath bombs but without bubbles or faffy flower bits

    Big hoodie and jogging bottoms, plus possibly some furry bootie slippers

    A gentle breeze, or fan, for the bedroom...I get so much hotter 'at that time'

    Oh and this is accompanied with the assumption that any man that comes in close proximity would be totally aware that no matter what I am right and that they should dis-regard any fluctuations in mood and above any of these...they should NOT 'try it on'

    Amy x

  18. Okayss so my "time of the month kit" would consist of.. hehe :)
    A lovely long bath with a gorgeous bath product i've been waiting to use.
    Some magazines like heat and glamour.
    A nice girlie romcom or if i feel like a good cry the notebook!
    My best friendiess to cheer me up :DD
    A topshop raid would be niice ! lol!
    My cosy bed & hoodie!
    Pamper myself .. paint my nails, do my makeup, hair, facial:)
    Painkillers obviously !
    Listen to Scott Mills podcasts to make me laugh and my Ipod :)
    Read some lovely blogs!
    and finally, a nice big mug of Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and marshmellows!

  19. Peanut butter is the best snack for these things. And by snack, I mean the whole jar. Most importantly, I always keep my music on close to me. I can't tear people apart if i'm distracted with music. I also have a game called "Battle Bears". It's an iPod game where you're a toy bear with a machine gun, killing carebears that get too close to hug you. Crazy?....yes. And that's what makes it perfect :>

  20. my survial kit probably consists of

    -Sanitary towels( i think that would be in like most girls kits!)
    - my phone - So i would be able to talk to all my friends and that i wouldn't be down and glum! your never down with a good friend.
    - make-up - To make me feel more confidence about the way i look so i have one less thing to panic about.
    -deodorant/ perfume - A pretty sent always makes you feel good.
    - Granny Pants!!!!!!!
    - Clean sheets and my double bed - Clean sheets always make me sleep eaiser and i love just spreading out over my bed with a big warm douvet
    - carrie bradshaw! - sex and the city is a must!
    Paracetamol - To stop your aches and pains and let you focus on much better things.

  21. My survival kit would be -
    1. A pizza. With everything on it. Makes me crave like crazy when I'm on my period!
    2. Hot chcolate with a mahooosive amount of marshmallows, and a huge dairy milk bar. The obscenely big bar!
    3. Sex and the city. Watching it reminds me that even though periods suck.. us women clearly do rule. Seriously.
    4. A big lush product filled bubble bath.. 'nuff said. haha
    5. My penguin covered hot water bottle. Cute AND warm ^.^
    6. Finally, tampons/pads. obviously

    :) ♥

  22. In my survival kit I would have:
    An innocent smoothie
    A DVD - chick flicks are best!
    A Skins boxset for when the DVD finishes
    Radox Shower Smoothies - they smell amazing!
    NO7 Nail Polish in Twinkle - makes my nails look cute & girly!
    An unlimited subscription to Glamour magazine
    Cookies & Cream ice cream with extra cookies & marshmallows :)
    My laptop so I can catch up everyone's blogs
    & finally, a big comfy bed where I can watch my DVD and eat all my ice cream!


    1. id have about 10-15 scientists with me,to find the cure for periods, to abadom them forever,and ever and to then pass it on to the male form, so they experience the PAIN!!,as they believe we make to much of a big deal of it!
    2. WHILST, this is taking place id want a BIG FLUFFY bed..with around 5 cushions,3 big and 2 small, and a silk duvet, so i can rest:)
    3.A forever powered record player, with a playlist of all my ultimate classic songs!

    I hope this pleases all the woman of england, cos if this was some how accomplished,id be speechless:) ha

  24. My period survival pack contains:

    - pad/tampon supply
    - pain killers, just in care
    - my fluffy pink hot water bottle
    - my boyfriend, to rub my back (I get bad lower back pain)
    - chocolate and ice-cream... and lots of it!!
    - toasty PJs straight from the hot-press
    - funny dvd
    - fresh bedsheets and duvet
    - hot shower

    Gosh, I'm demanding :) xx

  25. in my surival kit i'll have always pads never tried bodyform but defo going to try them and get a freebie lol chocolate yummyy :D hot water bottle to cuggle up with in bed spray i always have this thing when im on that im just not clean so spray myself 100x a day i love mist you madly by soap and glory my ipod to chill and listen to music and a lot of lush bath bombs to relax in bath with my tip to lift your mood and relieve pain when you on your period is to have a long hot bath you'll forget your even on your period :D x

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  27. In mine I would need Pads, tampons, ibuprofen, something that smells like vanilla (to relax me), a microwaveable bean bag thing, a big bag of skittles, some trainers to do some exercise (to work off the cramps) and spare underwear and a cute bag to put it all in. :D

    Jodie xx

  28. In mine I would need Pads, tampons, ibuprofen, something that smells like vanilla (to relax me), a microwaveable bean bag thing, a big bag of skittles, some trainers to do some exercise (to work off the cramps) and spare underwear and a cute bag to put it all in. :D

    Jodie xx

  29. Looks like you got some really nice items! ~ My first Illamasqua purchase didnt leave a good impression at all, besides taking almost 3 wks to get to me,I got a 4 colour lip palette which came in an eye shadow box?! & the pans of lip product were full of finger prints! I dont have a problem paying their prices but I expect it to reflect on the items when I get them. Up to now, im still not going to order from them again, however that may change if I see something I really want!
    Nice blog,

    recette minceur

  30. hello gorgeous, i just tagged you! =]

  31. When I first started my periods I was 11 and my cousin who is 3 months younger than me started her periods around the same time so we actually created our very own 'period kits'! It was around the time we kept diaries and things so we were very into secrets! I had a really pretty box filled with (and still ALWAYS have) some strong painkillers, my hot water bottle/microwavable aromatherapy beanbag, sanitary towels(preferably ones that come in pretty packaging), big knickers and spare clean ones, non-scented shower gels/toiletries, tissues, copious amounts of tea, toast and chocolate, LOTS of water, a good supportive bra, any snugglely/comfortable item of clothing I own but can layer so I don't get too hot or too cold especially pjs/slippers/big hoodies, hair bobbles, my pill (to remind me it will all be over soon), a calender to mark the date, spotcream and my mum to coax me into excercising/make me tea/let me wallow and warn everyone to be extra nice to me and generally deal with my moods! Oh and Garden State or 10 things I hate about you or something I have seen loads of times before to distract me from the pain but it doesn't matter if I fall asleep during it 'cause I won't miss anything. It's odd but comforting. When I was younger I would get really bad cramps and just be really ill in general and often came home from school with them so I used to get into bed and watch dvds all day and sleep loads. If nothing else thank you for letting me remember some of the silly things me and my cousin did and how lovely my mum was to me when I felt crap. I'm going to ring them now to thank them. But first I'll dig out that old box and start to fill it up with things again.....if only to make me smile when I'm PMSing! xxx

  32. In all honesty it would just be a box of tampax and off I go as normal. No biggy for me.

    I will be lynched this this but hey ho!

  33. I just wanted to tell you I got my package from your blogsale this week.
    It was perfectly and beautifully wrapped and I wanted to thank you for that. I loved your note, too!
    It was great to purchase from your blogsale!


  34. Hmm so what would be in my period survival kit?
    First and foremost I must say a
    HUGGGGE bar of chocolate; there is nothing more comforting then chocolate!
    Lush melts, esp pop in the bath!
    My iphone, to watch all the Beauty youtube videos, they are a massive cheer up.
    Also I wish I had a 'person avoider' I know this isnt real, but when Im on, I get so ratty that I just want to stay clear of everything! Everyone annoys me esp my boyfriend! so in my period servial kit would also be a anti social device :) oh maybe a little pop up tent or wendy house?so I could shut myself away and watch my films! haha!
    A masssssoive DVD collection including the house bunny and other films that make me laugh.
    Id need my beauty box of course! Including nail polishes creams, and other smellies!
    My dry shampoo, as when its the horrible time if month i don’t feel like washing my hair so a few sprays of that is a god send!!
    Lots of strawberry milk shake would be in my survival kit, they are just a taste of heaven!
    Ummm my boyfriends credit card :) to do some online shopping!! haha! Nothing better than online shopping to cheer a girl up and even better when it’s not your money!
    Face masks is also a must! nothing better than scaring the boyfriend when he walks through the door after work then being greeted by a pre menstrual strawberry milk shake drinking mud pack monster ;)
    & one last thing; PERIOD PANTS!
    I have big Bridget Jones style period pants for the big occasion haha,
    I have a separate draw full..there comfy and essential!

  35. Today I am in need of my period survival kit and what I've got is this...
    Hes just not that into you dvd
    vibratng hot water bottle ♥
    ipod touch, just saw your post on twitter about your contest ending
    My laptop, which is kicking out so much heat helping the pain!
    My bed
    A huuuge hoody :)
    and a Terrys chocolate orange ♥