Sunday, 22 November 2009

Review: Lush Christmas - So White

I'm going to kick off this review by saying this is by far, my favourite lush scent & something i think they should play around with more..soap, bubble bars etc..

The size of this Bath Ballistic is smaller than your average Sex Bomb.
But it has a very powerful scent of apples & leaves a frothy "snowy" layer on the top of the water.
Sadly, i was expecting alot more.."froth", but really, there were just a few clusters of bubbles, but still, that was alot more than a normal bath ballistic would create..i.e..nada.
The smell also lingered in the bathroom for a good while, although not on my skin, sadly.
This Bath Ballistic retails for £1.75, which in my opinion is really good.

By far one of my favourite Bath Ballistics & definitely my favourite lush's just alot different than the scents they have already created..i guess it's just a generic apple smell, which i suppose Lush aren't really all about.
I can safetly say that i will be stocking up on these, along with my star melts to get me through the rest of the year. :)

Please Lush, if you're reading this, make more products using this scent.
I will love you forever.


  1. yay schoee, new post! yeah i like lush for its pretty and nice smelling bath bombs..that one looks kinda boring and ehh..

  2. The thing that I never got about Lush was that often they mixed alot of scents into the one product so in the end I couldn't tell what it was meant to smell like. But this is just a clean green apple smell. It's my favourite scent Lush has because it's so simple.

  3. Ooh I didn't know lush did an apple scented one, I love their fruity scented products, its definitely going on my shopping list.Its so bad, ever since I got their freshers box I can't stop getting new products to try x

  4. thanks i always love ur lush reviews!

  5. I love this! I got a job at Lush on Tuesday... sooo happy! xx

  6. Ohh ill have to check this out!! I lovee Lush's bath bombs!

  7. I adore this, made my bathroom smell amazing for days. I was a bit disappointed with the "froth" as some people made it out to be more than it is.

  8. An apple scent? That's quite unusual for Lush! Sounds yummy though! (: