Sunday, 8 November 2009

This Makes Me Maaad!

So, i notice on facebook that a friend of mine has bought a 19 piece mac brush set for £36.
Alarm bells instantly started ringing in my head.
My first thought was she'd fallen victim to the fakes all over ebay...
but no, it was a website.

I'm not saying this is the only one, but i am shocked that they can run such a thing. On ebay, you can be banned for selling fakes, so how is this company getting away with scamming unknowing girls like my friend everyday?

I inspected the website for her after she gave me the link, and straight away, i knew everything they were selling was fake.
But there is nowhere on the homepage to suggest that these items aren't the real thing.

[Click to enlarge images]Seriously..look at this "mac lip palette"...
This is bloody ridiculous.

Its not only Mac items they are fobbing off, but Tiffany & Co, Christian Louboutin, Bobbi Brown, Benefit..

On closer inspection however, i came across this...

"BeingSale is dedicated to providing the best and newest designer products at a fraction of the cost. We start by purchasing original designer products, and shipping them to our factories in China . We then inspect every nook and cranny and purchase the same materials to ensure that the products we manufacture are virtually indistinguishable from the designer originals in every way.

We have our own factory and experienced quality control team which makes sure of every detail on the quality of the products.We can serve you with safe and fast transportation services, especially exporting from China to USA & Europe, including door to door and drop-shipping service. From organizing orders to sending goods to final destinations we can ensure that you are satisfied with our services.Our main buyers are from USA, Europe, Australia and Canada, and we can say frankly & surely they are very satisfied with our products due to the quality and promptness of our service.Now we have many worldwide customers who prefer to have mutual contracts with us and place regular orders with us. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on our products, service and replacement guarantee as well. You can order some of our sample products to check if the quality meets your standards which we are sure will."

Im sorry..but QUALITY? Are you kidding me.

At least here, in small print under "About us" at the very bottom of the homepage, they have stated that in actual fact these are "virtually indistinguishable" from the real thing.

Do you know, they have perfected that mac lip palette down to a well infact, its almost 100% better than the real thing because IT DOESNT EVEN EXSIST!

I don't know if this winds you girls up as much as it does me, but my unknowing friend just spent £36 of her own money, of which she has no way of actually calling the company to try and get back. (Yeh, they have no telephone number..surprise surprise)

I have infact sent them an email, stating exactly what i thought of their hidious website.

&, if you feel about it as passionately as me, i'd urge you to do the same thing.

If they are going to sell blatent fakes, i think they should have it in bold letters on the homepage, not in the small print where they know nobody will see it.

Why are they describing the items as "Mac Lip Palette" - Why not "Fake mac lip palette" or screw the mac part all together seeing as it looks like something you'd pick up for your 4 year old to "mess around with" from a pound shop.

Please go and check out this website, see for yourself how awful these fakes are, and drop them an email if you like...

Click Here to go to their scuzzy website

And this is the email address...

Do you think this site is in the wrong? Even though they have "not so clearly" stated they arent the real thing, i still think its ridiculously misleading, and if that stuff was on ebay, it wouldnt be allowed be branding as the real company names at all.


  1. That's so cheeky, especially considering MAC don't even make the lip palette. I've nominated you for an award on my blog x

  2. They use the brand "Mac" on their items, which is illegal, end of the story. And the mac 120 palette... please!!!?!! It's inacceptable that eBay isn't more careful about these issues.

  3. There are so many websites like this and people continue to not do their research and buy from them.

    My boss at work bought some Uggs from a website for £50.. I mean, come on £50! If they were authentic and that cheap nobody would pay £150+ on the high street.

    She thought it was a real site because there was an Ugg logo in the corner. Anyone could copy and paste that!!

    Sorry your friend has wasted her money. Hopefully you have stopped a few people buying from this website.


  4. here are they saying the products are not real but made of the same materials or ingrediƫnts and you can not tell the difference, well I can tell there's a difference!
    Just a little note if you're trying to sell those products: say that they're inspired (on the homepage in big bold letters) by the real thing and don't say that they're the real thing okay? I feel your anger I also can get really annoyed by these things.

  5. Please could you check out the website I'm not sure whether it's fake or not, I don't think so..

  6. I actually hope your friend recieves the brushes because a lot of the scam sites just want your card details.

    Also If you type mac into google (or tiffanys, ghd and many other well known brands) you will come across many sites that look identical to the official sites. Always make sure that the link you use is the proper one! Scam sites can cause a lot of trouble with your bank details.

    I think its horrible that people are allowed to use the internet in such a way. These products wouldnt be allowed in shops, well as you say maybe poundland but the place they really deserve to be is in the bin.

    Nothing ever compares to the real thing!

  7. @Look It's April - Same materials my ass. haha! Cheap tacky crap more like x

  8. @MaddieLalala - It seems okay to me hun! :) xx

  9. So many sites out there like this scamming people who arnt sure of the genuine items! That site sells so many things MAC havent ever sold!! x

  10. I hate these Chinese scams!!! These guys are specializing in becoming con artists! No offense to Chinese people, but a lot of those companies are pure mafia!!!

    You know what you and your friends should do? Report that site to all of the companies they sell fakes of, e.g. MAC, Sleek (I see a FAKE Sleek palette under "mac hello kitty..."), Tiffany etc and have THEM treck those cons down. I am sure they will find a way. Or at least put adverts on their original sites!!

    I'm sorry your friend lost her money.

  11. whilst i do agree that these sites are awful, are an attempt to scam people and should be in some way regulated so that they can be shut down or at least not allowed to advertise that they are selling Mac, etc, i also have to think of the people who are buying these items. i realise that not everyone is as obsessed by make up as we are in the beauty community are (and can spot fakes at 10 paces), but surely people must also realise that Mac retail a single eyeshadow at approx £10 so 20 shadows for £50 should make people suspicious.

    ironically perhaps i am being naive in thinking that people should be a little more suspect about these types of sites. i have enlarged the images above and in one blink know they are fake, as i said perhaps i am a little naive in thinking that other people can tell too

    if a bargain seems to to good to be true it often is.

    but great post zo and i hope this highlights the problem to many others who were not aware of it......


  12. I think that it's illegal, actually !

  13. half of the products don't look even remotely similar to mac!

  14. yeah that is wrong for them selling fakes. that is actually illegal if they are using the name 'mac' as it is copyright. but unfortunatly because your friend did not do her research and bought them rather stupidly she will not get her money back unless she does not recieve her item, then she can contact the company which she used to pay for the item. Most companys like paypal will refund you because they are against fraud and so will credit card companys.

  15. that's horrible they are scamming people.
    personally, that's why i just buy the items at the stores. and, even if it is a 'fake', if it works, why not just use it! no need to waste your money if it does the job!(:

  16. Yep that is scuzzy. I'm not even going to go to the web site. It sounds vile.
    Great post gorgeous.

  17. watch out for too! they have advertisements ALL over youtube! be careful everyone!! x

  18. @Star Violet - I dont think my friend was stupid at all. You can't expect everyone to know a fake from the real thing. Shes not overly into makeup brands, in fact shes only just started getting into it. She had no other reason to believe they werent fake as they use "Mac" in the titles. Obviously to you and any others reading the blogpost, its VERY obvious these are fake. But not everyone has the knowledge that there are companies willing to try and copy the real thing...I alsmot bought one of the 24piece brush sets on ebay when i first got into mac. Im glad i didnt, but i SOO nearly did. x

  19. Just checked the site,lol is all I can say,Surely thats not even allowed

    Oh and on a flip note,just added you on twitter,But Im not sure wether you can c when I mess you,Leme no.x

  20. yeah I also bought a fake mac contour brush once which looked almost real but thinking back to it now I have no idea why I bought somthing that was quite obviously fake on ebay, I do feel sorry for your friend because it's not fair to be taken in my these mean companys. She should check out their refund policy etc. But because they stated that they were actually replicas on the website it's not illegal so legally they have done nothing wrong. If she gets the brushes at least she can use them though they won't be as good as mac :( I hate it when this happens though, I remember once I bought a mobile phone from a scam website and now I can't believe I was so stupid not to check the terms and conditions, but everyone makes mistakes!

  21. I checked the website's return policy for you -

    and we will reply promptly with the return address and an RMA #. Your order must be returned, at your own expense, within 7 days of receipt, in unused condition, and with all tags attached. We will not accept returns without an RMA #. We will not accept orders that are returned to sender. Items purchased with a discount code may only be returned for exchange. Refunds will be issued within 15 days of receipt, and will be credited to your credit card.

    So if your friend sends them back and keeps the proof of postage recipt (this is very important) she will recieve a full refund apart from 3 or 4 pounds shipping costs, but it's better than nothing! Hope this helps :)

  22. Thank you very much for informing us of the websites misleading. Anyone could fall into temptation and believe it. The photos are obviously fake, I'd like to know what you actually send ... With this information you earned actually be on my Blogroll. Again, thank you!


  23. They're just exploiting the fact that nowadays people want everything for nothing. Not being shopwise makes it easy for people to fall for this kind of scam. The information is out there, and even if you don't have the information, always bear in mind that "If it's too good to be true" (apart from what's on my website!) then it probably is ! If you're not sure, only spend a small amount of money, and see if the website/seller is trustworthy and then if you're 100% happy go back for more.

    Just as a thought though... I know Trading Standards are quite keen about fakes... but would they do something about this kind of websites (that are obviously not UK based).

    It really annoys me because people hear so many bad things about internet businesses and all that... we're not all scammers but we get the slack anyway. Think I myself might do a blog about internet scamming for my customers/forum/FB page etc... spreading the word can only help !

  24. like others have said, i know not everyone is makeup obsessed like us, but ANYTHING i buy online i research (within reason - i know etc are legit) and make sure. even before i became obsessed with makeup/mac, i knew not to buy from these websites and look for fakes on mac. without sounding like 'most people are stupid', shoppers should really remember the saying 'too good to be true' when it comes to 'deals' like that.
    no matter how much reporting goes on etc, these sites and ebay sellers will continue to sell fakes as long as people keep buying them. the education (and the own customer/consumers research) is probably a priority above closing down the sites.

  25. That's terrible.

    If you go to the guestbook people are asking if certain products are real, their reply

    "they are not real,but they have the same material as the real,you can not tell the difference compared to the reals even in each details.our products are very popular,and many custmoer think they are real.:)"

  26. Fake or not, they still shouldn't be using the word Mac at all and although they claim the ingredients to be the same, who's to really know unless you already have one of each to compare? Somebody may only be able to use certain ingredients and if they thought this was the real thing, and it isn't and contains something else, then things could turn out very badly indeed.

  27. I'v heard about this site before.. and they still do it on ebay! I see fake sets quite often!! Its pretty ridiculous..

    I nominated you for another award on my blog too sweetie :)

    Hope you're well xx

  28. They had a whole segment on the news about websites that are selling fake UGGS at a fraction of the cost and how to spot a fake. Thank goodness I buy expensive things from reputable sites like for clothing and shoes. This website selling the "MAC" products should be reported directly to MAC. I hope you have done that already because sometimes it's hard for companies, like MAC to keep track of all the sites that sell the fakes because there are just too many and they rely on people like us to tip them off so they can investigate and get it shut down.

  29. Hell yea i think they are wrong!!! Their making profit off merchandise that probably is worth nothing and the poor customers are stuck paying for shit! I'm angered as well! Besides all that! I love your blog! lol

  30. Hi,

    A while ago my husband was looking to buy something ( can't for the life of me remember what it was, electronic item Im sure) I found one on the web cheaper than in the store but he said he didnt want the one I found as even though it was the same item, the parts were from China therefore he didnt think would be as good quality. Apparently many companies( the item he was buying was a well known big brand) operate like this. Now I don't know if it's like a sub contract externally or the company themselves who do it, but you can buy the same item at different prices totally dependant on material used. This does not make the item fake.

    Obviously this opens up a debate as to how can you name it the same when the items are infact different etc...

    I was quite surprised when he told me, this explains the whole legality side of it.

    Whether or not this is what this company is doing...I don't know!


  31. @KazL3173 - No, this company are just making cheap tacky fakes which look nothing like the original thing. I have actually spoken with the company, and they were extremely rude and unprofessional. x

  32. wow, this makes me mad too. they are everywhere and all over the internet. i have friends who asked me to check out certain websites that sells mac and they get excited because theyre so cheap. Ugh i tell them not to fall for it!!

  33. I could tell it was fake by the time i saw the pictures, they look like google pictures which anyone could of picked up. Its lke shwoing a picture of a ligloss but sending a screwdriver, they can do anything and theres a easy way of falling for cheap prices! I hate when they do this because its making a mock out of high brands. I'd rather pay high prices for a better quality product than low prices for something shoddy or similar in hardly any way.

  34. Interesting Post-- Very informative.

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  35. i've had so many bad experiences with ebay that i never purchase from their anymore :( thanks for the post! I love your blog! please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog . Please follow mine as I will yours! xoox

  36. I've just been in Egypt and there they call it "photo-copy original". Fair enough hehehe...

  37. my mom bought me some off ebay and they were fake
    she didnt know and got all confused.
    we are trying to send them back and get the person on ebay banned but they dont reply to any emails.
    its just so annoying that people would do this.
    although there was a site on ebay telling customers how to spot the real deals from the fakers, otherwise we would have never have known!!
    how rude lol!
    it just makes me mad that people think they can sent crap fakes and con people like my mom who wouldnt know.

    rant over now! x

  38. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  39. Unfortunately it's not illegal if they are clever about it. Hence the diclaimer. Although it was hard to spot, it was there. And I assume that will cover their backs legally.
    The only way to get rid of fakes in the fashion/beauty industry is if people stop buying them.

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  42. i went on the website and they are selling the domain!!!!
    welldone zoella a good case to crack

  43. I remember a couple of years ago I got invited to a MAC Makeup Party... basically where you can buy things from a MAC lady almost like an "AVON" lady... Trundled along with my mom and all the girls there were getting giddy over the products... I however didn't quite feel like something was right... I picked up one of the eyeshadows, had a look and there it was... the imprint of a miss kitty face... LOL. Hilarious... I grabbed my mothers hand and said out loud "C'mon, we're leaving, its all fake" Much to the party hosts disbelief. CRAY xx