Tuesday, 1 December 2009

2000 Followers & Blog Contest - CLOSED


Oh my goodness.
I have 2000 blog followers.
This is madness i tell thee.
I only started this for a bit of fun & i'm so so greatful so many of you enjoy reading the things i have to say or like looking at my ugly mug once in a while. :)

So, i always said, if i ever reached 2000 blog followers, i would hold a contest..and to be honest, it's a very good time to have it.

I'd been thinking for a while what i could do to involve everyone & to get all your creative juices flowing.
As some of you may know, (or may not), Moulin Rouge is one of my favourite films.
I love the costumes, the glamour and more importantly, all the sparkly bits and diamonds.
So, for this reason..my blog contest is simply called...

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend"

Because, lets put it this way...they are.

Now, i know some of you may be scratching your heads like "seriously Zoe..how i am supposed to create a makeup look around diamonds"
well i'll give you some ideas i had come up with myself...

  • You could quite literally just do a vampy Satine-esq look - Go all out with hair, makeup costumes..what ever you fancied.
  • Use sequins on your face/around eyes
  • Encorporate Diamonte's on eyelashes or around eyes
  • Glitter & lots of it..or, if you want to be more subtle, then thats fine :)
  • Or, even get geometric with the shaping and cut of diamonds
  • Use of the reflective colours in a diamond

These are just a few examples.
I know alot of you will read this and think "oh well i cannot be arsed to do this"
Please don't think that you need to do any of this above, just show me something sparkly & pretty or moulin rouge themed. You dont need to go all out with wigs and dresses but i want to see some creativity. All my A Levels are in Photography, Art & Textiles, so i'd like to see how everyone can produce something different as i am a very creative person myself.

But most importantly, just have fun with it.

The rules are as follows:
  • Produce a look based on the title of the contest
  • Send me images by E-mail with the subject "Diamonds are a girls best friend" or simply link me to your blogpost in the comments below if you want to publish it for others to see. Include a very brief description of why you chose to do what you did.
  • You do not have to do the makeup on yourself if you don't wish to, plaster your friend in glitter instead :)
  • Contest will end in a months time, so that will be the 1st of January 2010 at midnight GMT (woop)
  • Please don't be stingy & get someone else to do it for you, it ruins the fun & is betrayal. haha
  • I will be judging the contest entries, along with my friends & family
  • There will be a first prize for those who live in the UK, and a first prize for those who live overseas & one runner up who can live anywhere in the world. :)
That's all you need to know folks.
What better time of the year to get your sparkly makeup out? AND, if you're like me, and you always want to glam yourself up with reams of glitter, but never feel you can as it will be too O.T.T, this gives you the perfect excuse.


Get Creative Guys & Dolls
Love you all tonnes


  1. Sounds lovely, what a good excuse to get all dolled up in extravagent glitter and jewels! xxx

  2. Weee, congrats on your 2000 :) I'm a bit undecided on this one. Minds brimming with ideas just if I have the time between writing 5000 essays and stuff :(! Look forward to seeing what other people come up with though! xx

  3. Congrats on all the followers zoe I can't wait to post my entry x x

  4. eeeeee! im excited, im so gonna give this one ago. weldone on the 2000 subbies lovely, you desearve it! x

  5. Yay this sounds fun! Congrats on hitting 2000, it doesn't surprise me Zoe, you're a beaut :) xox

  6. Congrats on 2001 followers gorgeous, you more than deserve it :D xxx

  7. Congrats to 2000, I love the idea and the inspiration pics, I wish I could put on my makeup like this but I'm so not talented using my makeup haha

  8. This sounds like such a fun contest! Love it!

  9. I'm all excited for you!! Your blog is fab, it's no wonder you have so many followers.
    Think I might give this on a go :) Shall get my thinking cap on!! xx

  10. oooerrr, get youuuuuu!
    i shall have to get all the sparkly jewels out ;)

  11. Congrats!!! Those pics are so pretty! I hope you make some new YT vids soon :)

  12. Yay i love the theme!!!!!!!!

    :) can wait to get dropped in glitter lol

  13. Woo! Fabulous! I cannot wait to get creative! x

  14. Such a great idea for a contest! I tagged you for an award by the way!

  15. hello zone =) greetings from the Philippines!

    congratulations for reaching more than 2000 followers!


  16. Hiya!!
    I'm a new follower but love your blog. You're so down to earth and I genuinely listen and believe everything you write. (no pressure)
    I can't believe Mulin Rouge is you favourite film!! It's mine too, and I was watching it yesterday!! CRAAAAAAZY!!!!

    Byeeses, Kayleigh xx

  17. Congratulations on 2000+ followers! I always look forward to your posts :)

    I do not have the time to enter but good luck to everyone that does, I cannot wait to see what people come up with as it sounds like a lot of fun!! xx

  18. Hey Zoe! Congrats on 2000! That's insane! :D

    Cool idea with the contest theme. I'm tempted to enter... We'll see. :)


  19. What a fun contest! Most creative one I've seen so far :D Congrats on 2000 followers! xx

  20. Congrats on 2000 followers Zoe, well deserved :D xx

  21. congratulations on the subbies! i never thought to create a blogger account up until recently, but i've been following yours on my own now for a while..i've bookmarked it on my iphone =) now that i've officially subscribed, i can tell you that i really enjoy reading your posts!

  22. Sounds like I will be getting creative with diamonds and glitter this weekend haha.
    Such a great contest Zoe!
    And congrats on getting 2000 followers, although it is even more than that now!
    I hope my blog will eventually become so popular(:
    Stay beautiful xo

  23. Hi doll x
    I just found your blog a couple a days ago through Makeupbymel & I just have to tell you that i absolutely adore you! You've probably heard that your blog i awsome 1222425 times, but i had to tell you :)
    Thanks for making my day <3 - and maybe I'm gonna enter your contest.
    Christmas kisses Kat

  24. sounds great, i just bought a bunch of glitter for my nail art how convenient

  25. Congratulations for hitting 2000 followers!


    Following your blog now as I find it so interesting and cute!

    Lots of love,

  26. Yay well done, 2000 followers!! (:
    I wish I could enter, but my camera is so rubbish! I did a look to enter with and it looked so good but my camera decided to be an idiot!! :( so peed off! Good luck everyone who enters!

  27. hey Zoe Idk if u have answered this question already so far i havent seen it but how many times can u enter?

  28. Congratulations on hitting 2,000! (I see you now have 2,000+!) Holy smokes! I woke up today and saw I now have 24 subscribers, and I'm excited about that. LOL!

    I love this contest idea. You're absolutely right... You never get a chance to really bust out glittery, sparkly make-up - unless it's Halloween.

    Thank you for doing this!


  29. @AzZy AzZ - You can enter once :) x

  30. Yay Thank u for Answering =]
    I will get on to my glittering now then haha

  31. I have sent you a look for this, not sure if it was to the right email.

    Lisa x

  32. http://themakeup101s.blogspot.com/2009/12/this-ones-for-you-zoella.html

    i chose to do this look because i wanted to play with an unusual color combination..hence the viberent pink on the lower lash line, a mix of blue, gold, pink and silver on top lid..girls love color and glitter and because this was a very girly and sparkly contest i found it neccessary for the need for a wide range of color and glitter..lol.thanks Zoella for the contest really love your blog/youtube

  33. Hey Zoeee! I entered! yay! Here's the link!


    I chose to do this look because when i think of diamonds i think of girly glamourous sparkle...so I incorporated those into the look!

    I hope you like it! :)


  34. woot woot just sent u mine today =] hope you resived it =]


  35. Hey! Hope I'll get mine in on time. Here's the link to my blogpost entry:


    I explain my inspiration etc there. Many congratulations again!

  36. Nice contest, you should do another one of these Zoe :) Ixx