Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Review: Lush Christmas - Candy Cane

Bubble bars are one of my Lush necessities. I feel lost without a bubble bar to crumble into my bath.
This has to be one of my favourite. I love the shape, i love the colours & i adore the smell. Many have said it smells like creamy candy. I don't have that at the moment so i can't compare. Both have a very sweet "candy" smell to them though. I do know i'd rather pick this up than creamy candy though, think it's slightly bigger too!
If you're not familiar with bubble bars, you simply crumble a small section under running water. I found that if you crumble it under a very very fast running tap (as my hot water sort of dribbles out my tap at the moment - so i have to use a blast of cold to produce my bubbles) then it will produce better quality bubbles, and more of them.
I honestly have nothing more to say about this beaut, i have repurchased a few already & i do find the smell lingers & leaves my skin softer than normal.
Love love love this.

rrp: £2.35


  1. agree!
    it is my all time fav thing from Lush
    but when it's not christmas and i cant get it i settle for Creamy Candy :)

  2. Candy Cane is my fave bubble bar too. Combine it with Star Melt or Creamy Candy = really pink water and loads and loads of bubbles! Haha. xx

  3. Love this bubble bar too, with the star melt & snow fairy shower gel. Mmmmmm

  4. I also love this, Which I was in leeds again before christmas to stock up!x

  5. Bubble bars are my favourite product from Lush. They just make bath time fun :) Haven't tried this one, but I love sweet candy scents so maybe I should check this one out x

  6. I am so glad to have found your blog :) yay you are also a lush lover :) I have a question for ya: when you bath with bubble bars, do you wash your body afterwards or you just pat dry and be done? Because I typically don't like to for bath bombs because they leave the moisturizing goodies on my body and I don't want to rinse them off :) but not sure about bubble bars :p and also, do those bath melts make your tub greasy afterwards? Thanks for answering my questions :)
    Lulu <3
    luluchinaoll at gmail dot com

  7. This one sounds so good, will try it if they still have it. Ixx