Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Review: Lush Christmas - Jingle Spells

Jingle Spells Bath Bomb is one that Lush describes as a "hangover cure"
I did not have a hangover when i chose to bathe in this...just so you know.
Hmm, what do i say about this?
It's nothing special, and honestly, i HATED being in the bath with tonnes of stars (yeh, there's more inside)
They kept landing on me and itching me or making me flinch (like you would if you thought a spider was crawling on your skin)
When would anybody really choose to bathe with tonnes of little stars? they will just end up going places you dont want them to..like your belly botton on between your toes..jeez people, where did you think i meant. ;)
The scent was nice. It's a very refreshing & comforting smell, which is possibly why it would make a good hangover cure. It smells of Juniperberry.
The best thing about this Bath Ballistic was the fact it turned the water dark purple & left my skin feeling slightly softer.

I won't be purchasing this one again, the stars ruined it for me personally, i thought i'd be able to cope with the few on top...but it came with many a "bun in it's oven".
If you are a ballistic person, and dont mind stars...this might be one to give a sniff because the smell was lovely.

rrp: £2.75


  1. thanks for all the Lush reviews :)
    I dont think I would like all the stars either but I like the idea of a purple bath!

  2. If you stick a bath ballistic in a cut up stocking & tie the end in a knot then stick it in the bath, you get all the benefits of the bath ballistic but without all the mess. =]

  3. It looks pretty, but my god i couldnt cope with the stars!
    Great review Zoe! xx

  4. Oh my goodness I am so please I'm not the only one. I love the lush bath goodies but I like nice smells and pretty colours - I do not want stars, petals or any other random 'things' in my bath!! Shame as it sounds like a lovely product otherwise. x

  5. Great review hunny..bet the bath looked gorge..but i can imagine how annoying the stars wld be grrrr!!xx

  6. Just thought I'd share a quick tip I picked up. If you have a bath bomb or bubble bar or other kind of crumbly bath product that has little bits in, be it stars, glitter, dried flowers etc, stick the product in a muslin bag or even the foot of a spare pair of tights and hang it off the tap. The water will run through the material dissolving your product but all the unwanted little bits in it will get stuck in the material. Saves attacking your bath water with a tea strainer or sitting in a bath full of bits ;)

    Kelly x


  7. Hi. I've been following your blog for some time now and I love it! Anyways I was wondering, how did you change the post title font? I've done numerous google searches and none of them help. Please, please, help me out.


  8. I liked the sound of this one, but I hate stuff floating around my bath too. Loving all your lush reviews :). xo

  9. Yuk sounds scary with all the stars! Ixx