Monday, 29 June 2009

Makeup Storage, Tk Maxx & Bootsale.

When it comes to makeup storage i find it SO hard to find anywhere that has something suitable. I don't know if thats because im too fussy..
I always look in stationary shops & just never have any success.
At the end of the day, if it's your bedroom, you want it to look gorgeous :)

I accompanied my mum shopping today.
We went to TkMaxx (TJmaxx in america i think)
& the selection of storage is massive compared with anything i've seen before. They have SO many different styles , sizes & colours at the moment. I was actually torn between a few different things but i do not have the money to go all out and buy everything (even though i happily would have)
So i settled for this gorgeous set of silver draws.

The different drawers...I am SO pleased i found this. It's perfect, it even has the different compartments.
Before i went into Tkmaxx, i went into the pound shop to buy some latex gloves for self tanning...can you believe they sell them as a 25 pack? 25? we have 2 hands...Surely an even number would make more sense?
I found these little plastic drawers for £1, i don't think they are very pretty but they are very practical & inexpensive, & thinking i wouldnt find anything else, i picked up the last 2 they had.
So if you are on a bit of a budget, or are not too fussed with what your storage looks like i highly reccommend scouring the poundshop. :)

Also, in Tkmaxx they had these gorgeous little baskets. I wanted something like this to put all my body lotions/hairsprays/hair serums in.
They have SOO many different designs & sizes of these. Lots of cute floral ones for you Cath Kidston fans (even though these arent the real deal) & at £2.99 & £4.99 you can't go wrong.
Now onto my Sunday Bootsale finds...

It wasn't an overly successful trip, no makeup, no bath/body items. But some cute jewellery.

This necklace was 50p. It has a garden gnome, a fork & a little boot on it...SO cute, i love it.
This is how it hangs. Quite low, and don't panick..i know it looks silly with my outfit, but i was just modelling the length for you because im nice like that :)

This one was also 50p.
I got this because it's just damn cute.
Sorry for the boobylicious shot..but this is how it hangs. This one is quite alot shorter. I love it.
Then, i saw this book. & yes, i saw it & picked it up because it had my name on it, and then on further inspection i notice that it is infact all about everything i love & its such a fab book. There are so many tips & tricks that i'm thinking i will share with you all.
This was £1.
And before i end this post. I will share with you a pair of sunnies i also picked up in Tkmaxx (seriously sunnies are amazing)
These are Vivienne Westwood (one of my favourite designers) & i fell in love with them.
But do you know what made me love them even more?
they were £19.99!
I am usually SO fussy with sunglasses. If you havent noticed already, i am petite..which means that i find watches to be a mission (as my wrists are tiny) & i also find it hard to get shades to fit my head! haha I actually really like the shape of these & they feel so unbelievably comfy..maybe because i am used to cheap £2 ones from Primark.
I havent ever owned a decent pair. So these will be my special ones. haha
My mum also picked up some amazing roberto cavalli ones.

Have a goofy picture...
What do you use for storing your makeup & where do you buy it?
Hope you're having a lovely evening ladies. How blummin amazing was the weather today? 30 degrees! Loving it but feeling a tad sticky.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Carbooty Booty.

So, like most sundays, i was up bright & early with my mum & off we went to the bootsale.
It's quite nice spending some time with my mum, & theres always something stupid to laugh a man that only has 24p in change, wanting to buy a stupid china ornament that the lady wanted 30p for, & throwing the money into her hand saying
"Alls i gots is 24 pence change..lemme have it furr thaa"
haha, who goes to a bootsale, with 24p...only to find their dream china ornament is 30p
A huge golden labrador sitting on the roof of a van..& mum turns to me and says "My gosh..look at the dog sat up there all well behaved", and me saying "Mum..that's stuffed". Her reply is then "No it's's moving", and i then say "No mum..thats just the fur blowing in the wind".
Yes...people sell stuffed dogs at weird is that?

Anyway...onto what i picked up. Not a massive amount of makeup this time..or a massive amount of anything really but i shall share anyway as i know some of you love my bootsale bargains.

Body Shop Shimmer Cubes
Yay... These were brand new and unopened. In the body shop i think they are £14 something.
I really, really like these.. The colours are gorgeous & alot like the Mac Spiced Choc quad but without any matte colours. So, if you are sad you missed that. I would pick this up as it has some pretty similar colours in it.
Super happy with that bargain!
I will be doing a full review of the shimmer cubes soon. So look out for that!

Lush Bath Ballistics & 1 Bubble Bar
70p & 80p

I do sometimes see Lush stuff at carboots..but i always go straight to the label for the expiry, and most of the will have expired. So i don't buy it. But Bath Ballistics last for ages. Theres not really a time limit on these babies.
Yes they may become slightly discoloured but wont grow mould and turn your skin manky.
I think some of these are all holiday items.
I don't know the names but i think 1 is called christmas party... :) & actually i think the bluey one is called Sakura (permanent) but it's lost alot of it's colour.
Enlighten me if you know! :D
I did actually use the one out of the bag the other night..& i can't say i loved it all.
It smelt like the dentist & was full of chunky glitter. I can't ever imagine a scenario where i'd want to bathe in either of those. It wasnt a pleasant experience.
Oh well!

Dead Sea Bath Salts
I have dry skin..and i have never used dead sea products..i'm stupid right? It's meant to be really good for dead skin cells & completely renewing the skin & relaxing muscles.
Sounds good! I'm going to use these tonight. It looks too cute to open though!

I also bought 3 HUGE bags of mini eggs for 50p each. The lady was selling loads of easter chocolate. I'm guessing she took them from Woolworths before it closed down?...or is a right fatty!
That's about all for my carbooty booty.
Get to a carboot on sunday ladies!

FOTD & Baby Froggies.

It was a lovely & sunny today so i thought i would wear my daisy headband :)
I kept the colours on my eyes quite neutral today. I used the Body Shop's Shimmer Cubes that i got for 40p at the bootsale (Blogpost Here)
Hope you like it!


GOSH touch up concealer in no2
Clinique Airbrush concealer
Mac select cover up concealer
Bare Escentuals foundation in Medium
Bare Escentuals bronzer in Faux Tan
Mac Well Dressed blush
Mac MSF in Light Flush


Body Shop Brown Shimmer Cubes
2true liquid eyeliner
Lancome Hypnose Mascara (Pretty much gone & flaking :(..want more)


Mac Snob Lipstick


Thought i'd add a little extra to this post..About 3 months ago we were given some frogspawn, i excitedly kept them in a bucket & thought i'd watch them grow (something you do in primary school no doubt :D ) When they were big tadpoles we released them into our pond..& now look at them.
The cutest little things ever. I wish all frogs stayed this size. They are too adorable.
(Although i did try and hold one on my palm & they are so fast & skitty, it completely freaked me out, so i shall we watching from afar from now on)

[Click to enlarge :)]

The Mummy Frog! :)

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

My Most Worn...

Okay, So i had this idea to do a sortof Tag (If you like it & want to do it aswell) as i think it would be really interesting to see what people use the most.
It's all very well having "Favourites of the Month" or "Favourites of the moment"
For favourite lipstick changes almost every day haha.
What about the things we actually USE the most? The things we repurchase & show the most love to or use that have become a staple to who we are?

My Most Worn...


This is "Vanitys Child" which came out with a Mac collection, but for the life of me i cannot remember which one. I have used this so much, I love it. I really want them to re-promote but i haven't seen it in any upcoming collection :(


I bought these earring from Accessorize around 4 years ago. I have worn these to death. Theyre so pretty! You can always find earrings like these floating about in summer.


These cute little shirt type dresses are from a shop called CULT that sell a range of different labels. They're really cheap & i love wearing them with a simple waist belt, a bit of bling & my leggings. Every girl should own one of these. They have so many different designs to choose from. I need to go back & get more. :)

Nail Polish

My Most worn polish is this coral colour by Barry M (no. 296)
Perfect on the toes & on the fingers. :)


Now, don't get me wrong, i LOVE shoes. But i can't ever bring myself to spend over £30 on a pair. Both these shoes were cheapies. The first pair were about £4 from Primark & i have worn these babies to their death pretty much. I just find them so comfy & they go with every outfit as i love to wear gold jewellery. The heels were from Peacocks or somewhere equally as cheap, & i bought these on a whim as i had a fancy dress to go to & had forgotten a pair of heels. So i dashed into the nearest cheap shop & picked these up thinking i could just throw them away afterwards. But oh no...haha they are by far the most comfy heels i own. The heels isn't MEGA high and there is no platform at the front, making them easy to walk in & comfy as hell. I like the inside too. :) I promise i do own alot more exciting heels/flats than these, but i use these the most.

Hair Product

I've done a review of the Tigi S factor range (which you can view here)
& this is my favourite. Have used this for 4 years now. I have tried other serums but i always come back to this one.


These are both "going out" scents. well..thats when i wear them. The armani is alot more stronger, so i would definitely only stick to this at night but the Gucci Rush 2 can be worn either way in my opinion. I love these! I think this is my 3rd bottle of armani & 2nd bottle of Gucci. My staple scents.


I got this handbag in TKMAXX. They have some great handbags in there sometimes. I really liked the colour & the pretty detailing. I have only had this for about 5 months so i can't say it's one ive had for ages but it's definitely been my most used. I went through a stage of carrying really oversized handbags but i found that i could never find anything in there & now this is the perfect size. Not too big, not too small. Love it!

I hope you like the idea of this tag, Please get involved either by a blogpost or a video on yutube if you'd prefer :)
I'm tagging...

Holly - Hollymae20
Holly - theyummymummysbeautyblog
Hele - helesays
Emma - Magpiesparkles
Suzi - suzit86
Ella - Ellacinderellax
Vicky - Peachykeencheeks
Kelly - Kelanjo19
Lucy - LucyMarie85

Oh list could go on.. but i'm going to stop at 10 & say if you'd also like to take part in the tag feel free & link me if you do it :)

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Grey/Navy Smokey Eye.

I got bored & so i decided to play with my shimmer cubes from The Body Shop that i was kindly sent last week. I had an extremely pretty set of colours which i think, make the perfect smokey eye.

Here it is ....

Gosh touch up concealer in no 2
Benefit Erase Paste
Mac select cover up
Bare Minerals Medium foundation
Bare Minerals Faux Tan bronzer
Well dressed blush
Benefit High Beam highlight

Mac Blackground paintpot
The Body Shop shimmer cubes for whole of eye
2true liquid liner (cheap cheap)
Barry m white kohl liner on waterline
Barry m black kohl liner under eye
Lancome Hynose mascara

Mac Hue lipstick
Mac Florabundance lipglass

I just realised in some of the pics i have major "hair-in-lipglossage" dang..that's really irritating..just wanna pick it out...ah well :D
Hope you like it lovelies

Mac Tag.

I was tagged by the ever so gorgeous Ella to do this Mac tag.
It's a fab way to see what people highly rate..or hate, & i hope this is somewhat helpful to some of you. :)

How long have you been using Mac? & mum got into Mac around the same time because she had a makeover by them, i stole her products at first..this was around 3/4 years ago.
What was your first Mac product?
My first Mac product was the 239 brush
What's your all time favourite Mac product?
Oh gee..that's a tough one...the MSF's, but i couldn't pick just one. :)
What's your least favourite Mac product?
Mascara's..sort it out Mac.
Do you own a Pro Card?
No..fraid not. Would love one though
Your Mac foundation shade:
Your favourite Mac-Foundation:
Studio Sculpt
Oh can i pick one? the moment, hue. It's the perfect nude.
Florabundance & Oyster girl
Strangely enough, i only own 2 pencil liners from mac..i get my gel eyeliners from Bobbi Brown. & i would say smoulder..but it just doesn't stay anywhere near my eye...
the 109..mine doesn't shed..thank god. & the 217...blending made easy
Nail Lacquer:
I have seasonal peach...but i don't like it's so streaky
Pro Product:
I only own a colour stick's not that awesome really...good for photoshoots.

Comment on the following Mac product; Have you used them? If so, give feedback.

Prep + Prime Skin:
It's okay, i don't really notice a difference if i'm honest...stays put a bit longer but that's about it
Full Coverage Foundation:
Never used.
Studio Sculpt Foundation:
I actually really like this. I have dry skin & this gives me the dewy glow i'm always after
Face + Body Foundation:
Never used.
Mineralize Satin Finish:
Eee, i love this. I've been a through a whole bottle. FAB for a night out.
Studio Fix Fluid:
I have never used's not been reccommended to me as i have dry skin.
Hyper Real Foundation:
Never used.
Select SPF15 Foundation:
Never used.
Studio Tech Foundation:
Never used.
Studio Fix Powder:
Never used.
Studio Stick:
Never used.
Hyper Real Pressed Foundation:
Never used.
Beauty Powder:
I don't own one...have never used i missing out?
Sculpting Powder:
Never used.
Shaping Powder:
Never used.
Loose Blot Powder:
Have dry skin so have never used it.
Pressed Blot Powder:
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural:
Am thinking about buying i have heard such good things about it. But would it be good for dry skin? Opinions please guys.
Mineralize Skinfinsh:
LOVE these. I have 5. :)
Bronzing Powder:
Have actually never tried a mac bronzer.
Powder Blush:
Mac have some truely gorgeous shades of blush. My favourite is well dressed. :)
I have ladyblush & i really love it.
Mineralize Blush:
Love these too. Everyone should buy one when the colour craft collection comes fact stock up :)
Gel Blush:
Never used.
Cream Color Base:
I actually really like these. Shell is my favourite.
Studio Sculpt Concealer:
Never used.
Select Cover Up Concealer:
Love this. I wish they brought this formulation out as a foundation. Fab coverage.
Select Moisture cover Concealer:
Very good for under the eye
Studio Finish Concealer:
I do like this..but i find it extremely drying.
Studio Stick:
Never used.
Lip Erase:
Never used.
Tinted Lip Conditioner:
I do like these but i imagined them to be ALOT more moisturising than they are.
love. love. love these so much
Also love these. a fab range of colours & smell so good
See Thru Lip Color:
Never used.
I really like these, i need more. :)

Cremesheen Glass:
Never used.
Lip Gelee:
Never used.
Lip Pencil:
Never used.

Solar Bits:
Never used.
Nail Lacquer:
Nothing special really
Never used.
Never used.
Paint Pots:
These beasts are amazing & there is a nice range of colours
Eye Shadow:
I love Mac's range of eyeshadows. There are so many amazing colours & i can't reccomend them enough.
Think they're a bit expensive & so don't own any. Dazzle Dusts will do me just fine.
Never used.
Eye Kohl:
Yeh they're okay. Staying power isn't amazing...smoulder just smudges all down my face after an hour.
Never tried.
Never tried. I have BB liners.
Liquid Last Liner:
Never used. I have the GOSH ones & they suit me fine. :)
Lustre Drops:
Never used.
False Lashes:
Really natural looking & a fab range. The duo glue is good aswell
ProLash Mascara,Zoom Lash Mascara,Plush Lash Mascara, Dazzle Lash Mascara:
Wouldn't bother with these...there are much better drugstore ones out there.
What has been your favourite Mac collection to date?
This might be quite odd to some, but my favourite was Neo sci-fi. I loved the colours of the products. The peaches & pinks. It was everything i loved. & the packaging was a bonus too. :) I also loved the BBR collection. As you can tell, i don't just go with the packaging, i actually look more at the boring as that seems :)
Which Mac collection, in your opinion, do you think was disappointing, if any?

Hello Kitty & Style warriors...Just didn't really like any of it, nothing was "OMG I NEED THAT"
What products do you think Mac are missing?
A good mineral foundation..i thought there version was pretty dire. & better mascaras.

I tag anyone who would like to take part. :)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

FOTD Spiced Choc & Florabundance

In this FOTD i used my newly purchased Spiced Chocolate Quad & i can see that this is swiftly going to become a favourite of mine.

  • Clinique illuminating concealer pen
  • Bare Minerals in Medium applied with Body Shop Kabuki
  • Bare Minerals in Tan applied with Mac 109 in naturally bronzed areas
  • Mac Well Dressed Blush on apples of cheeks
  • Mac Mineralized Skinfinish in Northern Lights as highlight

  • UDPP
  • Nanogold e/s (Spiced Choc Quad) in inner corners
  • Brash e/s (Spiced Choc Quad) all over lid & on bottom lashline
  • Sweet Chestnut e/s (Spiced Choc Quad) in crease
  • Spiced Chocolate e/s (Spiced Choc Quad) also in crease & on bottom lashline
  • Barry M white kohl pencil on waterline
  • Barry M black kohl pencil on top lashline
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear mascara in black (♥)
  • Mac Lipstick in Hue
  • Mac Lipglass in Florabundance (♥)


So as some of you who follow me on twitter & read my previous blog post know, All of last week i was working as a extra in the period drama "Cranford" which was a series on the BBC last year.
I live in a very picturesque 13th century village 20 minutes from Bath City and it seems very popular for films & period dramas. A few examples are Pride & Prejudice, Emma & All Harry Potter Movies.
Because of Camera's and crew invading the village, they give the residents oppertunity to become extras. I went down for funzies really...& it turned out that me, my mum, my aunt & my brother all got a part. Hoorah.
The hours were immense..Some mornings we had to be there at 7am & wouldn't finish until 9/10pm with only 2 stops for food all day...i could never do it for a living..sheesh!
One of the days i wasn't home until quarter past midnight & had to be up nice and early for the next day.
It was really fun though, and i would definately do it again, the only thing i absoloutely hated was the corsets & the fact we weren't allowed to wear ANY makeup..Nothing...not even a dash of powder or a dab of concealer. I looked hideous for a week...people didn't recognise me i was THAT UGLY!
The crew were all lovely & even the famous actors such as Imelda Staunton, Celia Imrey & Julia McKenzie would come and eat their lunch with us..It was bizarre. Dame Judy Dench didn't..she kept herself very much to herself...although i noticed she loved the occasional ice cream and whenever she wasn't filming she would be mastering the daily crossword in the paper.
Some of the scenes we got to be in were really dramatic & hilarious, I'm not allowed to give away anything that's going to happen but i'm praying that you can't see any of me up close...nobody would be able to stomach the sight of me with no makeup!

Here are a few photos of me & the fam in all our gloriousness...
[Please excuse my hideousness..& yes, you can laugh :)]

My Aunt, Imelda Staunton & Moi. (She was SO lovely)

Mummy dressed up as a posh townsfolk. She also had a nasty cut painted onto her face :O

This is me..looking at the fake snow. This was awesome. They covered the village in snow & it looked so pretty.

Me & Mummy stroking a cow in pj's..yes..a cow in pj's..& yes, she did mess herself. Poor cow!

Me & Aunt with some of the lovely lovely Assistant directors.

Me & some more extras before going on set...waving our muffs in the air..aren't we mature?

It was a barrell of laughs, but also as you can imagine...rather boring at times, being stood on your feet for 13 hours isn't my idea of fun..but we were being paid so all is good & everyone was so lovely. I miss them already.

Also got a bit of inside goss for you...Freddie from skins is apparently an absolute cocky idiot...& i thought he was so fine! damn that.
When i asked Sarah (an Assistant Director who has met too many celebrities to name) said the worst person she has ever worked with was Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) who apparently is the most miserable stuck up girl ever. It doesn't surprise me, as even in the first film the crew were moaning about her. They use her double more than bad is that? Sarah also said the lovliest was Angelina Jolie, & they became really good friends. The press isn't always behind Ange, what with the brad and jen split..but supposedly shes absoloutely lovely. Might have to change my mind about her :)

Look out for the 2 episode Cranford Specials around Christmas might spot me.

Have any of you been extra's for anything? I'd love to hear your experiences too :)

Monday, 15 June 2009

Bicester CCO & Lush Goodies.

Imagine how excited i was when my boyfriend agreed to accompany me to Oxford to Bicester Outlet much so!!
Not only is it a cute day out, filled with amazing designer shops but they have a Cosmetic Company Outlet. Eeee.
Last time i went they didn't have an overly impressive Mac display & i ended up skipping it altogether but this time i bought a few things. They had Hello Kitty, Fafi, Neo Sci-Fi & many different brush if you live near Oxford & you want to get your hands on any of that, i would suggest you go check it out. :)
I thought i was pretty good..i did start off with alot more in mind but i restrained myself & cut it down slightly.

"Spiced Chocolate" Quad
I eyed this up when it was released a while back but the price tag put me off. Being abit cheaper in the CCO i couldn't resist. The colours are "Nano Gold, Brash, Sweet Chestnut & Spiced Chocolate"

Neo Sci-fi E/S "Femme Fi"

I also eyed this one up when Neo Sci-fi came out, but for some reason i left it..could have been the hole in my pocket. I am loving this colour!
Swatches of Eyeshadows
From Left to Right: NanoGold (cannot see it), Brash, Sweet Chestnut, Spiced Chocolate, Femme Fi

Lustreglass in "Love Knot"
I think...think..don't quote me, but this came out with Naughty Naughticals...i seem to remember one with a name very similar. I wasn't really into MAC overly when that collection came out but this colour is gorgeous & i definately prefer the consistency on lustreglasses to lipglasses. It is a gorgeous pink with blue/purple reflex & you can really see it.

Lipglass in "Florabundance"
A gorgeous pinky nude!
Swatches of Lipglosses
Left to Right: Love Knot & Florabundance

I can't wait to try it all out, especially the quad.

Last week i popped into LUSH with one thing in mind, and of course i came out with slightly more, and whats even better was i got out my card to pay and the ever so sauve boyfriend whipped out a £20 note before i could hand over my card. I told him off for being too nice & adorable... MEN! ha

"Lemony Flutter" cuticle butter
Have been eyeing this as lately my nails & cuticles have been damaged big time by acryllic nails & the warm weather has dried out my skin big time :( After using this a few times i can saftely say it's love. Fab for elbows and knee's too!

"The Olive Branch" shower gel
This is my new favourite shower gel. It smells absoloutley GORGEOUS. I was never really drawn towards this one as i think the word "Olive" really put me off. I never fancied smelling of olives, but im so glad my nose was curious as i could lather this all over me every minute of everyday.

"Creamy Candy" bubble bar
We all know what this smells like. Creamy candy... sickly sweet & i want to eat it.

"Oatifix" fresh face mask
This is what i ventured in to buy..(and almost forgot until i was at the till) this is the new facemask made up of ingredients especially for dry skin. (Click picture to enlarge & read the description) It smells SO yummy..unlike some of the others they have, which frankly i don't think i could put near my nose at all. It smells like bananas, toffee & almonds. I have yet to put this on my face but i'm looking forward to it muchly.
So that was my little Haul-o-rama for you. I'm going to try & test all these goodies & will report back any significant info to you if any of you are interested. As always just ask :)
I'm SO tired as have been working 13 hour days all of last week as an extra in a bbc period drama called "Cranford" (don't know if any of you are familiar with the series?) & i have yet to catch up on sleep but have been dozing off randomly at strange times in the day & talking rubbish and moving alot in my sleep...odd ball! So right now i just about have my eyes open. I will do a blog post all about being an extra as i got to meet some fab people/celebs & was totally filled in with celeb gossip by some of the assistant directors. Interesting stuff!

Anyways my lovelies, i'm going rest my eyes.
Night Night