Saturday, 15 January 2011

Samsung Photography Challenge

As some of you might be aware via twitter, I am part of the Samsung Photography Challenge.
I was contacted by a PR company working alongside Samsung to help promote the different digital cameras they have to offer. Photography being something I absolutely love, and have always loved, I was definitely up for it. I was provided with a Samsung digital camera & I've been placed in the "style" category. There are also 3 other Samsung camera triallers (who are all more advanced than little old me), each with different cameras. Every month, you can vote for what you'd like me to take a photograph of, and once the votes are all counted, I am then set the challenge of capturing the winning vote. I am doing this every month for 6 months. I really loved the idea of this. They could have just sent me over the camera, told me to have a play about with it, then written out a review. But instead, I love that we are all a little more involved & being challenged to take photographs we might not normally try and capture. It's like being back in A Level Photography & having homework. haha. The categories aren't easy either. They really are a "challenge". My first was to capture "celebrating in the form of singing and dancing". This could have been an even bigger struggle had it not been New Years Eve. Once my chosen photo is uploaded, you can then rate it out of 5. I don't win anything for gaining a high score, it's just there for you to express your love/hate for the photo. Although I should hope you would all be kind enough to rate me nicely. :)
Obviously, the purpose of the Challenges are for me to get a bit creative & try different things out with the camera. For any of you who are thinking of getting a new digital camera, you should definitely check out the site, and how well the 4 different camera models work. There's nothing more honest than the photo's themselves.

If you are interested in photography like me, or like I said, are looking to buy a new camera, then do check out the blog & get involved with voting for the challenges and rating the chosen images. I will be tweeting about it when the time comes each month, so keep an eye out. Obviously, you don't have to, but it would be great if you did.

I am not affilated with Samsung, I haven't been compensated or asked to write this blog post & I am not being sponsored. I am simply using one of their cameras :)


  1. ooh this seems like a really exciting challenge! I love the lighting and editing you've done on this photo too, its a great pic! :)

  2. love these photos!!! the editing is amazing! you have some real talent!


  3. love the editing !does photoshop cost ?x

  4. That is so fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with

  5. You're using the PL150?
    I recently bought that. It's great for HD videos, group photos and really really easy to handle.
    Love the photo of the girl singing, by the way...great capture!


  6. Great challenge! The editing is really amazing! x

  7. sounds fun! good luckxxx

  8. what a great idea! will look forward to seeing the photos!

  9. PL 150 is so good for HD videos and photography.
    camera accessories

  10. I LOVE Photography! and YOU are very good at it! :D

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