Saturday, 26 February 2011

Someday Summary - Saturday

I'm sorry i've not updated in a while. I've been working like a mad woman & had various other things going on with my life. Some not so enjoyable & others slightly more positive. I'm super pleased that the sun has decided to rear it's little head today, sprinkles a bit of happiness about the place doesn't it...unless of course you are Edward Cullen, in which case I feel sorry for you.

I slept on my neck funny last night. I'm not sure how I do this, but this is the second time in about 10 days in exactly the same place. It's SO painful. I have a constant slant to the right. I look like a weirdo. If i try and keep my head straight, it just hurts. I need someone to give me a damn good neck massage. My sleep pattern has been well and truely messed up due to the fact i've had a crappy few weeks, and my mattress is so hard and lumpy that it was starting to give me bruises on my hips. Forking out for a new mattress certainly wasn't on the agenda. If I had the spare cash lying around for such luxuries, I definitely would have, but alas, I do not. My Gpa (thats grandad) came over & flipped my mattress for me & then my lovely Nan bought me a mattress topper. They obviously felt sorry for this little princess and the pea, although in this case, no princess and no pea just masses of springs and various other metal contraptions & an average girl. So, i've finally started getting a decent nights sleep. I say this, but i was awake from 10pm-4am last night after napping at 8pm & awoke with a wonky head. Just great. Can anyone suggest any pillows or anything which might help? I've heard that memory foam ones are good.

I've started with YouTube again. I know it's not to everyone's taste, and that some of you may think "why is she bothering?", but i recieved so many emails and messages from people asking me to come back, and i feel like sometimes it's easier for me to show you things via video. Maybe even this way I can do a few hair tutorials as the thought of capturing any form of "tutorial" through photographs was quite the chore & would have been extremely tedious. I still absolutely despise the way I sound, the things I say & the stupid hand gestures and faces I make, but obviously I cant help that. haha. I have also discovered that I say "Like" and "Literally" far too much...It's literally like so annoying. ;)
I lost a lot of confidence over the last year, and it's only really now that I can sit down in front of a camera & feel brave enough to upload it for you anyone/everyone to see. I've decided not to let any negativity affect me, and with anything on the internet, there will be some. Go and subscribe if you want to, obviously you dont have to but it would be nice if you did. Might be nice for some of you to see me in 3d...moving and that. Do let me know what you want me to do videos on. I have a feeling this time i'll stick around.

I'll leave you with a few photographs that I have saved as little reminders which have made me feel a lot better about myself recently. Bit psychological, and unlike me, but I thought i'd share them with you as they might have the same effect on some of you, which would in turn, make me happy.

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