Friday, 20 July 2012

Beauty Vloggers On A Roof

Yesterday, I ventured into London to meet Louise for a YouTube party/gathering on the roof of the offices. It was a hoot! Being a somewhat anxious person, as you know "venturing into London" isn't the easiest of tasks for me, but I was as cool as a cucumber which as sad as it may be, was a really refreshing thing for me. At the party, we met Fleur (It was her Birthday), Patricia, Shirley, Sammi and Lex (who I didn't get a photo of dammit) but be sure to click all the names to go to their youtube accounts and subscribe if you haven't already. They are all such lovely girls, and it was so nice being able to spend time with them as living in different areas of the UK, that doesn't happen all too often.  As you can see, Louise being ever so creative, came up with the game "How many beauty vloggers can you get on one deck chair". We managed all of us for a VERY short time, before we all collapsed sideways! Before hopping over to the party, we decided to have a little look through Oxford Street Topshop, where we were greeted by two viewers! HELLO TO YOU BOTH! Thank you for coming to say hello :) and also a hello to the girls who we sat with on the train on the way home and shared many a fantastic quiz with. My favourite being the "How do you smell to Edward Cullen" quiz. Yes, that does exist. 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Did You Know....?

Aloha Zoe-arinos,

As you may have guessed by my oh-so-cheesy greeting, this isn't Zoe. Hello, it's Louise here!

Zoe is having quite a challenging time at the moment, being poorly and just having a lot on her plate. Whilst on the phone earlier, she said that she was worrying about keeping her blog updated and talking to you lovely ladies (and men if you are reading).

I said, 'Zoe you ninconpoop! You just put fresh PJ's on, grab a hot chocolate and focus on feeling better, I will take care of Zoella". So here I am, hijacking her little slice of the web for a while- I do hope you don't mind.

I thought that since reviews are written from a personal perspective, and you have come here for Zoe's highly regarded opinions, that perhaps it might be better for me to do more of a fun post. I have decided to go wild, and share with you some fun memories that I have with my chummy and hope also that when Zoe reads them, she will chuckle to herself.

Did You Know.....?

That about 6 months ago, on the way back from an event, Zoe and I got the giggles on a late train so badly that we were given some killer evils from other (rather unfriendly) passengers? You know when you just want to explode with laughter but you cant, so instead you just go puce in colour, shake and make weird squeaks? Well imagine that, times ten, on a busy train of tired commuters. Eep!

That once whilst taking a big batch of OOTD pictures in the countryside together, Zoe decided I needed a belt to compliment my orange dress? I didn't have one so she offered me a lovely black number with gold horse embellishments. Well I don't know if you have noticed (if you have eyeballs then you will have), there is quite a size difference between Zoe and I. Somehow, managed to squeeze myself in to it, felt proud (and breathless), started climbing over a fence to reach a tractor (as you do) and PING! the belt literally burst off! There I was, in the middle of a field, straddling a fence, whilst Zoe scrabbled around the foliage trying to find her belt. It. Was. Hilarious!!

That on nights out with Zoe I loose all conversational skills? For my birthday this year we popped into town with Fleur for a few celebratory drinks. Naturally, as the birthday girl, I had let my hair down and was 'merry, so to speak. As we were leaving the bar, my friend Mark (from my Alton Towers vlog) walked in with some friends. He introduced them and said one of them was South African. I don't know what possessed me to do this, but VERY loudly I said, "Oh wow! You're South African?! Zoe's satnav has the same accent!" and smiled like an absolute loon. He was less than impressed, Zoe looked uncomfortable and I felt pprreeeeeeetttttyyyy stupid! Needless to say, we quickly skiddaddled home!

(This was after the belt up fence saga! Haha)

As you can see, we have an absolute hoot and these are just a couple of our funny little tales.

I really do hope that Zoe sees some sunnier days in the near future and that we can split our sides laughing again very, very soon.

If you have any well wishes or uplifting words for ZoeChummy, please do leave them in the comments, I am sure she'd be glad to read them. I know from personal experience what a wonderful and supportive community this can be and know you will all understand Zoe's absence today.

To Zoe :: You are very much loved and tomorrow will be better then yesterday. Also, don't be mad at me if I didn't format this the way you normally do! Hahaha ;)



Friday, 6 July 2012

Under The Weather

(source Google)

Hello everyone! So sorry I've not been around very much recently. I've been really unwell for the past week, although i'm now on antibiotics so will hopefully be right as rain in no time. As I've hardly left the house (except to visit the doctors), I fear I may start to go a little crazy. I thought I would list some things that have really cheered me up this week, so that if you are feeling down, or unwell, you may also find comfort in some of them, or maybe one or two might put a smile on your face!

The above images! How adorable is that little pug, I just want to squish him. You may also know how much I adore guinea pigs, so the picture above was a nice reflection of what I have been doing for 7 days! (minus the hay)
I made a naughty Mac online purchase. The new collection is so beautiful I just couldn't resist. It was a little treat to myself. I'll be sure to show you once Postman Pat delivers it (my postman is not actually called Pat, just for the reference).
THIS video by JoeyGraceffa and the beautiful Tanya Burr also put a smile on my face. It makes me want to get up, sandwich myself in between them and bop along! 
Reaching over 151,000 subscribers on YouTube. That is MADNESS and most certainly put a smile on my face!
Pinterest has also been a nice distraction. You can add me if you like, I mostly just repin cute animals, quotes and delicious looking food. 

"Oh Mr Penguin, you are TOO funny"

My dads homemade pie. Last night my dad made me the most delicious pie i've ever eaten! Just what I needed to make me feel more human. 
 Supportive chums. My friends have been super lovely and made sure i've been feeling okay this week. You know who you are! :) 
Now, as LAME as this may sound, I have been thoroughly enjoying my "Videos with Louise" playlist on YouTube. As you may, or may not know, you can create playlists on your youtube channels, and so EVERY single video that Louise and I have ever filmed together (that's my channel and hers), I have compiled into one long playlist. This was obviously not for my benefit, but mostly just subscribers who like to watch our joint videos, but I have been re-watching them and they have really cheered me up. If you would like to watch 7 hours, 26 minutes and 55 seconds (!) of pure "Louella" then hop on over haha
Baths. I have been having more baths than normal, as my temperature has been a bit all over the place, so it's nice to just relax in a nice deep bubble bath!
No makeup skin. I've not worn ANY makeup for a week now, and so my skin is really thanking me for it and it looks clearer than it's looked in a long while. I also think my new skincare addition may have something to do with this. ;) (all will be revealed). 
Keeping up with the Kardashians. I do love me a bit of cheesy TV, and i've been watching all the episodes (old and new) of this disgustingly gorgeous family. They make me chuckle, and it's easy (and addictive) to watch. 

I'll leave you with this quote, which has pretty much summed up my week. I've been wearing nothing but Pj's and comfy clothes, and I don't care! It will be a slight shock to the system when I have to wake up and choose ACTUAL clothing to wear. I've forgotten how to look nice to be honest. haha. Hope you're all having a better week than me and if not, I hope this has cheered you up somewhat! 

Monday, 2 July 2012

Taaj Micellaire Water Makeup Remover | Review

Back in February, nestled within my JolieBox Beauty Box, was this little bottle of micellaire water makeup remover. I didn't use it straight away, I was quite happy with the cleansing routine I had, and I didn't feel as though I needed an extra step when removing my makeup as my Liz Earle did the job well enough. However, when going to my boyfriends for the night, I threw this in my handbag along with some cotton wool pads, just because I wasn't too sure I still had a cleanser hidden away in his bathroom cabinet (you know what men are like, they always use your cosmetics and hope you won't notice). I decided to use this to remove my makeup, and then went ahead and cleansed afterwards, and now this has become part of my evening skincare routine. It is quite honestly, amazing. I know there is an awful lot of hype surrounding the Bioderma Micellaire Solution , but I have yet to try it. After using this, I don't feel the need to either. 

Before receiving this in my JolieBox, I had never heard of Taaj as a brand, and I have found that it isn't that easy to get  hold of online. I should imagine that it's very easy if you live in France (damn you amazing french brands). You can buy it HERE on Amazon and also over on the JolieBox website. It is priced accordingly at £16.87, as for 500ml this will last you an absolute LIFETIME. I knew immediately once my sample had gone, I had to have a new bottle ready and waiting to be cracked open. I even kept the little empty one, so that I could refill it from the larger bottle for travelling or overnight stays. I have honestly become a bit addicted to this makeup remover.

It claims to be purifying and revitalizing and that is exactly what it is. It feels so refreshing on my skin, takes away every trace of makeup with one easy swipe (no rubbing or piles of cotton wool pads) and leaves my skin looking and feeling fresh and healthy. I like to use this before bed to remove any traces of makeup from the day. I then go to the bathroom sink and do a cleanse just to clarify my skin and make sure it's squeaky clean before bed. I sometimes even use this when I wake up in the mornings, just because I've become a bit addicted to the feeling it leaves on my skin. It's like an instant pick me up. It also smells beautiful, not too strong, just fresh and light.

If you are looking to buy or try out a micellaire water makeup remover, I would strongly urge you to try this. I will be buying this until they stop making it (heaven forbid this day ever comes). I now want to try out various other things from this brand too, as I am so impressed.

Have you tried anything else from Taaj? Tried this and loved it as much as I do?