This is what the weather has been branded as in the UK.
Honestly, i think alot of people are just fed up with the snow now, it prevents them from getting to their jobs, going out for food, the post office, the gym…etc.
We don’t get snow like this very often, once or twice a year at most usually.
So when it does come, it’s alsmot as if people don’t know how to deal with it…
We have a “salt” shortage where i live, so the roads are ridiculous, and we aren’t in a town or a city, so we pretty much are stranded..but i like it.
I really love snow, i think people should make the most of it, i actually like the fact everything comes to a stop, and you see families sledging in the fields and making snowmen. It’s cute & extremely beautiful to look at. I always say that snow is like a clean sheet that covers all the dirt, making it look 10x more pretty..but also very deadly (as we know)
Although, as i said, i live in the countryside..i’m sure those of you in towns and cities will not agree with me.
Here are a few photos i took today on a walk. Hope you like them.

  • Zakeleni

    I loved the angles and lighting in that last pic, it looked so good! I’m sure you could make and amazing calender with these pictures they bring me back to snowy winters but also to parts of Girl Online when Penny is taking pictures! This year i’m really working on my photography skills and eventually i hope i’ll be as good a you! I’m so happy for you and the amount this blog has exploded for you, its easy to be emphathetic when you have you own blog, It’s weird as with each new post written your love for it slowly grows. I have you to thank for even knowing about blogs in the first place. I used to think they were from the 90’s or something and no one did them anymore but you have helped show me excactly how amazing they are!
    Thanks Zoe!
    I’d be grateful if you checked out my blog, its nothing special…yet, but i hope one day it will be
    See you at :)