As i mentioned previously, i went into the City on boxing day & had a gander around the sales.
Here are a few of my slightly “blingy-er” finds…
I’m not normally an overly blingy person, in fact sometimes i’d rather make more of a statement with what i’m wearing than jewellery.
However, i think a tiny part inside of all of us, screams out for some big tacky bling every once in a while..especially when it’s half price or less.

The first thing i picked up was this rather tacky gold watch in River Island, reduced from £34.99 to £15


Equipt with diamontes & leopard print. On the tacky scale i’d say it was pretty high, but i don’t care, because i likes it :)

Second was a Karen Millen ring in House Of Fraser. Was £42.50, but i paid £10! A bloody bargain i’m sure you’d agree.


It sits on the hand at a slight angle, which obviously according to which way up you put it on, can either face down or up. It also has swarovski crystals in it, so it catches the light & looks beautiful. It’s quite large on my teeny little hand, but i love me a massive blingy ring. ;)

So as you can see, my blingtastic alter ego took over whilst hunting through the sales, but i’m glad she did, as i love both purchases.

Do you have a tacky/blingy alter ego like me?

  • Graciego

    OMG leopard print!!!!!! My favourite thing!!!! Arrrrrrr I’m getting really excited