Today, my hair was limp, lifeless & could have done with a wash & blowdry..but instead i used that extra half an hour in bed, tucked up under my warm duvet.
I had seen a few pictures of models & a few of Sienna Miller sporting very bohemian large plaits across their head, and figured i’d give it a go.
Princess Leia anyone?

This honestly didnt take me very long! 6 minutes tops.
The first thing i did was twist my fringe up and securely pin that to the side.
I then seperated the hair on my crown and secured it with a bobble. After that I split the remaining hair on both sides of my head and did two tight-to-the-scalp plaits. I then pulled them over my head and secured both ends with clear elastic bands and bobbi pins.
I left the bit on the crown to cover up the obvious parting from the plaits down the back of the head.
With the left over hair, i split it into three sections and did tiny plaits, twisted them up and pinned them willy-nilly.

I’m actually really pleased with this :)

  • Zakeleni

    Girl always play around with plaits, so many good hair styles can come of it haha! I love this one! It looks like a predecessor to the milkmaid braids haha!
    Also once i understood the title (i’m awful at French!) it made more sense, clever, but still what does it mean? I’m so bad at French haha! Spanish is more my element!

  • Bertie

    Love the plaits, so cute!

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