I have never made these before, so to me, it was a huge deal when they turned out well!
I can do basic things like cakes, but have never attempted to make choux pastry, some people told me it was pretty difficult & that you have to follow each instruction really carefully, and some told me it was easy…

I followed Gordan Ramsay’s Choux recipe & they turned out really well..i won’t say they were perfect, because im pretty sure Gordan wouldn’t agree with that, but i was chuffed with them, and they tasted delish.

I didn’t follow his recipe for the chocolate sauce or cream though, as I didnt want a runny chocolate sauce..so i just melted some choccy and spooned it onto each profiterole & it set (this way it’s less messy for people eating them)

I literally just whipped some double cream and spooned it inside the profiteroles.

I didn’t want to bore you with a step by step of how i made them, so i will simply give you a few tips…

Tips I found helpful
♥ Always wait until the ingredients in the saucepan (minus the flour) come to a rolling boil..if it doesnt the flour wont mix in as well. (i found this out)
♥ The mixture (plus the flour) should form a dough ball..it should not be at all runny.
♥ The best way to get the pastry onto the baking tray is using a piping bag, if you dont own one of these, use this easy step by step guide to making one at home.
♥ Use a wet finger to flatten the peaks of the dough before baking.
♥ If you make the pastry in advance, 4 hours before serving, pop them back in the oven for 5 minutes to crisp up a bit more.
♥ If you don’t want to pipe the cream in (this takes alot of patience and alot more time) just simply make a small cut through the middle & spoon in the cream..worked just as well.


Any other profiterole fans out there?

  • Zakeleni

    OMG I need to eat those! It weird as i genuinely was going to make some profiteroles soon. I’ll keep your tips in mind, you might see the results here at
    My mouth is literally watering at the last picture! I bet the cream got everywhere but what’s better than chocolate and cream!? haha!