I recently recieved this as a freebie in a goody bag. I had seen it in the shop before, but i’ll be honest, i never touched it because of the glitter coating. It looked pretty, but the thought of getting glitter everywhere was enough for me to bypass this completely.

This bubble bar does look super pretty, i hadn’t even smelt it before in fear of walking out of the shop with a pink glittery nose, but it smells AMAZING.

It smells like Vanilla & Lavender & i could sniff this all day long.
One thing i was a little apprehensive about was whether or not all this glitter was inside aswell as out..thankfully, it’s not, which means most of the bubble bar crumbled into your bath will be glitter free. On first look, this bubble bar does seem a tad smaller than others, especially the comforter, but actually, you’ll be surprised by how much use you can get out of this.
The water turned a gorgeous pink & there were no obvious traces of glitter.

This bubble bar is right up there for me with Creamy Candy & Mar Bar.
I will most definitely be buying these again & again.
So there’s your lesson folks, do not be a glitter snob.