I was extremely excited to see that in the latest Lush Times, there was a page of new & exciting products that were soon to be released.
The first thing I have bought to try out is this bath melt.

I am a big fan of the bath melts, a little more pricey they may be, but they are full of beneficial ingredients for the skin.
“This melt is full of Ylang Ylang, Sweet Benzoin & masses of other beautiful frangrances”

The first thing you notice about this bath melt, is the fact it is made up of three slices (if you like)
Yes people, we can get 3 baths out of this little beauty.
I used 1/3 of the bath melt last night, and my hopes of it being moisturising with only a third were very slimjim, but i was surprised by it’s strength. I’m thinking they have upped the ingredients by 3x in order to make it just as good with 3 uses.

One thing i am sort of undecided on, is the scent.
The guy who served me said this was hands down his favourite lush scent ever & i can definitely see why. It smells like Cherry Drops…but, as my brother also pointed out..it has a small tinge of playdough mixed in there too. I’m not really a massive fan of generic cherry smells, they always remind me of cough sweets or vitamins..or even those glacier cherries they used to put in your coke in pubs. (Er..whatever happened to that anyway? I never used to eat them as they are vile, but it was nice to get them in there..someone enlighten me)

The water also turned a pretty pale pink, it did moisturise my body & the smell DID linger.
3 massive ticks.

I am actually pretty impressed by this bath melt, i am still undecided on the smell, but people like different scents. Also, the whole “No bubbles with bath melts” does make me a little sad. Next time im going to add some bubble bar into the bath with it, but for the pursposes of the review i thought i would bathe with it on its lonesome.

RRP: £3.60

  • Zakeleni

    Aha, i love that Joe pointed out that it smells like Playdough! Thats brothers for you! I’ve only ever had Lush products when i was very young, i remember them to this day but i really would like to build up a collection of Lush lovlieness now, whenever you walk past Lush you can always smell it three shops away, though thats way better than smelling like many highstreets!
    Also can i just say that glacier cherries in Cola sounds vile, no wonder you didn’t eat them haha!