I’ve seen a few reviews on this product, and it has been compared to the almighty GHD.
Now personally, i have NEVER owned a GHD Straightener..i have however, used one numerous amounts of times, and every time, i felt like my hair was being frazzled to pieces. They get so incredibly hot, sure, they do the job, and for those with thick unruly hair, they probably do a good job..my hair isn’t that thick..i just have lots of it, so using this straightener still felt damaging to my hair. This is the reason i never forked out for one. No matter how many times people told me to invest in a GHD, i never liked using it & i could hear my hair screaming in pain…
I like to have a straightener where you can adjust the temperature, i know a lot of people don’t appreciate this & will automatically whack it right up to the max temp but your hair will soon start to break, and frazzle if you keep doing this..it’s not rocket science. Some people don’t even use heat protectant..good luck with that. haha
I always advise people not to use too much heat on their hair. I used to, and my hair would never be in great condition, now i’ll only straighten to style, or if i have a funny kink etc. & look how long my hair is? The ends of my hair aren’t in immaculate condition i will admit, but my hair has NEVER been this long & i think one of the reasons is less heat.

I was very kindly sent these Straightening Irons a few weeks ago by Samara at Cloud Nine to trial & review.
I have been thoroughly impressed them. They are, by far, the best straighteners i have ever used.
They have been developed by the new company of the original founders of GHD, so both straighteners have similar properties, but in my opinion, these win hands down for the temperature control.
The theory behind the straighteners is less heat, more style. There is even a booklet containing information, the guarantee & ways of creating different styles with a range of different heats suited to your hair. I also want to add that the actual packaging the iron came in, was sophisticated & well thought out..i can’t bring myself to get rid of it.
The Straightener itself is black, sleek and rounded (perfect shape for creating waves & curls) & comes with a blue plastic heat guard for when you’re done with straightening to allow it to cool down safely. (This is one of my favourite features..i normally hate leaving straighteners to cool down, as they are still capable of burning things) One little thing i will mention, is that when the straighteners are in the heat guard, there will be a small gap at the rear of the straighter (see picture of swivel cord) which when taking off the guard, can trap your skin. I have done this A LOT. I don’t really see how they can get round that though, as it needs to open and close. You just have to be careful.
The ceramic plates are black & contain a “secret ingredient” to inject your hair with shine..i have to admit, my hair looks so much more shiny & healthy after using them. I’d love to know what the secret ingredient is! They also slide effortlessly through my hair, making straightening so easy.
One other thing i LOVE about this straightener, is the hibernation mode. Please tell me I’m not the only one who will be half way down the road & think “Oh no..did i turn my straighteners off”. We all do it, & now there’s not that absolute need to go back & check when they can safely cool down after 30 minutes with no use, so you know you’re house is less likely to be in flames when you get home. Please don’t use this as an excuse to not care whether you’ve turned them off though…Still double check before you leave :)
As always, it’s vital to have a swivel cord, and thank goodness this has one. No more tangles & knots in the cable!
The controls are extremely easy to use & it reaches maximum temp in approx 20 seconds, that is amazing. :)

Overall i’m very impressed with these straighteners, and i would happily reccommend them to anyone who asked which to buy. The best i’ve ever used, and great for styling. Well done Cloud Nine :)

To find out more or purchase the straightener yourself click HERE

  • Thảo Lưu

    this is suitable for any kind of hair. easy to use, easy to maintain

  • Shiva

    Hi Zoe, I’ve heard a lot of good things about this straightener and after reading your review really feel like I should get it. My only concern is whether it actually works when travelling overseas to North America. Have you tried it anywhere else? Does the dual voltage feature actually work?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Camila Martinez

    I really like my Karmin.