I just want to start off by saying I wasn’t sent these items to review, I’d read all the hype and decided that since I was out of Bare Escentuals I would try it.

Firstly, I do love the colour range. I actually found it quite difficult deciding which one to buy because they were all fairly similar. Although one thing I did notice at my local counter, was there were no darker foundations for anyone probabaly past olive skintone, at a push. I know they can’t stock the whole range at some smaller counters but in all honesty, I’ve not seen ANY darker colours in ANY counters near me. Do they think darker women don’t need foundation? Anyway, that’s a different matter.

The first thing I noticed was the lovely fruity smell, obviously because they promote this foundation to have natural ingredients such as apricot, melon, apple and ginger, it HAD to smell nice.

The packaging is..okay. I don’t think pharmacy foundations spend much money on the actual packaging, more the promotion of the product, which isnt a bad thing. It has the main ingredients listed (or the ingredients they want to entice you in with..apple, melon etc) what the foundation claims to do, but no coverage information.

The foundation itself is probabaly (im guessing here as they dont mention it) a medium to buildable coverage. The consistency is quite thin, but not watery & once applied it did feel quite wet on my skin for what felt like a little too long, although it did sink it very nicely and DID give a healthy glow.

However, this healthy looking glow did not last the promised 16 hours, more like a measly 2 before I started noticing patches and even places where I felt it had disappeared.
I was really disappointed but kept applying for a few more days, applying with different brushes, using primers, setting with different powders..all did nothing. My mum even asked which foundation i’d been wearing as it looked terrible on my skin. (gotta love mums for being so brutally honest)
Overall, I don’t like this foundation, but one good thing that came out of this was that it wasn’t AS BAD as the ever so extortionate Chanel Pro Lumiere, which looked awful also.

The Healthy Mix concealer, also promotes the same natural fruity ingredients & comes in a handy squeezy tube. I like this packaging, I think it’s good for getting the desired amount out & means no wastage as you’d get with a wand. This concealer promotes “Radiance & Anti-Fatigue” Fab right?
I used this over my blemishes (I have some redness around my nose) the coverage I will admit, is fab. A thick consistency but very easy to blend. The smell is VILE! No fruity smells here, just some strong weird chemically smell. Could just be mine?
I would have loved this concealer, had it not completely broken me out worse than I have ever broken out ever…I had huge painful spots everywhere I had applied this concealer. I stopped using it, and now it’s clearing up..finally. I won’t be using this again, which is a shame because it did have such great coverage. Obviously this was just my reaction to it, everyone’s skin is different.

Your experiences with Bourjois Healthy Mix?