A seriously long overdue post on some of the mac items I’ve recently acquired.
First up is the “Liberty of London” collection..which actually, i wasn’t excited about at all, but as i was passing a Mac shop on the day of the release i popped in just to have a little nosey & totally fell in love with most of the collection.
In the end i decided to go for things i wouldn’t normally buy (besides the Peachstock lippy which is obviously in my nude comfort zone)
I also want to add that this is by far my favourite packaging, i know it wasn’t every one’s cup of tea but i absolutely love it, weird pigeons & cute little flowers? Yes please.

Peachstock Lipstick

Have wanted this for a while, and when I saw it all pretty with pigeons I whisked it right up. It’s a very dark, peachy (funnily enough) colour which looks gorgeous with a coral lip gloss or even something a bit more milky on top. Wouldn’t recommend it to those of you with a super pale complexion however..or if you do have a pale complexion, and you can pull this off, just ignore me. Personally i think it looks better on someone with a bit of a summer glow.

Summer Rose Beauty Powder

As you can see i didn’t follow the majority of others in picking up the Shell colour, instead i went for the Pinkier one. I preferred the colour payoff of this one, and it gives a very pretty light pink/purpley glow. I don’t actually own any other beauty powders so i wasn’t sure what to expect but i love it. I also totally didn’t just buy this because of the amazing packaging..ehem.

Lipglasses in Perennial High Style & English Accents (L-R)

These really aren’t colours i would normally look at. They are slightly “out of my comfort zone” shall we say? but i have been wearing both of these lots. I especially love Perennial High Style over my Creme D’Nude lipstick. Sometimes we need to think outside the box, be a bit adventurous? I have definitely been reaching for this over my pale pinks and nude glosses, they inject a bit more colour and excitement, over both a coloured lipstick or just a nude.

Next are a few items i picked up at my nearest CCO, (one that i had never been to before & is actually, in my opinion the best) Swindon.

Eyeshadows in Nano Gold, Knight Divine & Graphology

Msf in Cheeky Bronze (perfect for summer) & Blush in Sun & Moon (This wasn’t a purchase from the CCO but i’ve popped it in here anyway) which is also perfect for the summer.

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