“I know what will help you, CALPOL!”
“Louise, isn’t Calpol for babies and small children?”
“Calpol helps EVERYTHING! Would you like the plastic baby spoon or a normal metal spoon?”

My friend Louise everybody. Most of you will know her by now, as I’m sure she’s made quite the appearance in my videos and blog posts throughout the years. I must admit, I get A LOT of questions asking how we met, how we know each other & a huge amount of people that express their love for us both when we unite. :) It’s a pretty simple beginning & started back in 2009 when Louise emailed me telling me she read my blog & enjoyed it. In turn, I started watching the YouTube videos she made & became addicted to her positive attitude to absolutely EVERYTHING. She is one of those people, that make you smile, even on the worst of days. We emailed back and forth for a while, then I had a little break away from the internet for a few months. On my return, I noticed that she uploaded a video saying she was expecting a baby, and so I emailed her to say congratulations and I don’t think a day has gone by since then, that we haven’t spoken to one another (I’m not saying this for cheese-effect, that’s literally a fact!).

Snapshot - 13

I don’t think I know ANYBODY that is as positive and uplifting as Louise is. She has every quality that you could ever want in a friend, and I’m so pleased she has a firm place in my life. We can sit and laugh for hours, so much so, that I tend to leave her house with pulled stomach muscles (not even joking). She’s also always there in times of need & is one of the only people who truly understands my anxiety & how it affects my life, and it’s so reassuring to have her on my side. I’m so pleased she emailed me in 2009, as I cannot imagine my life now without her in it. It would a lot less glittery that’s for sure! I’ll never be able to express how amazing Louise is in one blog post, but you can watch her on YouTube HERE & read her blog HERE and you will see for yourself. It’s so important to appreciate the people in your life that make such a huge difference, and Louise is one of these people, probably more than she will ever take credit for.

Snapshot - 7

Recently, Louise won “Highly Commended Beauty Blog” at the Marie Claire awards, and I am SO proud of her. She works so hard on her blog, and there have been plenty of times she’s felt it wasn’t satisfactory enough or she’s been fed up with certain aspects of it (like we all do at times), and I’m so pleased I can finally say “SEE, I TOLD YOU SO!”.


Now let’s all celebrate amazing friends in our lives & Louise’s blogging milestone! Hip Hip Hooray!

Thank you Chummy, for everything you are and everything you do.

  • girlonlinex

    This was such a long time ago, yet I’m the first commenter…

  • helen

    That`s such a lovely post *_* Your words melted my heart and made me tear up. Louise is a perfection and you are so lucky to have such a friend, as well as she is lucky to have you. I hope your friendship will last forever!!!!

  • David Taylor

    This was such a nice post. I am reading this post in 2018!!!