If you’ve followed my blog for a while, or ever had the pleasure of listening to me moan about my skin, you’ll know it’s quite temperamental. My skin type is combination. I have oily areas, dry areas and plenty of blemishes. My main problem, is that when hormonal outbreaks strike (around a certain time of the month…ladies, you know what I mean) I get spotty on my chin, between my eyes, and sometimes on my cheeks. Unlike those of you who are lucky with your skin, after a spotty outburst, I’m usually left with red blemishes that take months (sometimes up to half a year) to disappear, or fade. I’ve had this problem since around the age of 17, so perfectly clear skin, for me, is a long time gone.

More recently, I looked into ways I could diminish the red scarring left behind after a spot has broken out. Mainly put off by expensive products that I wasn’t too sure would work miracles and the hugely vast array that all promised a clear complexion, I never took the plunge. I guess you could say I was slightly overwhelmed, and just wanted someone to say “Use this, it works 110%”. Anything for an easy life eh? ;) That was until I was strolling through “Home Bargains”, and spotted this cream. Costing me no more than £4 and with the promise of reducing blemishes and scarring, it was worth a shot.

This is actually my second pot, as I used the first one up, I love it that much. I use the cream mornings and nights when my skin is particularly blemished, but only at night when it’s slightly more under control and this reduces the fade time by dramatic amounts. The consistency is very creamy, although not thick. I think the reason this moisturiser is so amazing, is that it contains similar ingredients to an oil like Bio Oil, but rather than slathering an oil over your face morning and night, it’s much more convenient to apply it as a moisturising cream. It works best when really massaged into the skin, so I take around 2 minutes just to make sure it’s really worked in. It takes around 5 minutes to completely sink in, and then i’m ready to go with my makeup.

Although it doesn’t prevent any blemishes from occurring, it definitely improves the appearance of my skin after they’ve left their mark and reduces fading time. The best bit though, is that it’s under £4. I know the packaging isn’t all that feminine and it definitely isn’t one to sit pretty on my dressing table, but it does the job, and that’s all i’m bothered about.

I bought mine from Home Bargains but you can also find it on Ebay

Do you have a similar problem to me? Are there any other blemish-alleviating products you can recommend?