Lipstick: Mac’s Impassioned | Shirt: Primark

First off, I used my webcam to take these photos, so I apologise to any of you who need HD photos in order to read a blog post (I’m hoping you will still read, even if the picture quality is not at it’s bestest) :)

Anyway, moving onto the purpose of this post. My fringe (or bangs as americans like to say). Funnily enough one of my most popular and frequently asked about subjects, is in fact about that bit of hair that sits across my face. Although I know a lot of people may prefer my fringe short, and swept to the side, there are also a lot of people who found my “messy middle parting” to be the better fringe option. I’m torn between the two. When I say “middle”, I have actually discovered my hair doesn’t sit properly down the middle, so I do have to have it a fraction away from the center, but it’s middle enough for me :)
When my fringe is freshly cut, it usually sits nicely and I don’t have to style it or faff around with it all that much. However, when it gets to this length, although I think it makes me look slightly older (I’ll never actually look my age, let’s face it haha) and flatters my small round face a little more, it takes a lot more work to make it look good. I have naturally very flat hair if I was to leave it in a middle parting and just go. To achieve a somewhat “flattering” middle parting, I do have to do a bit of backcombing & curl my hair a little. I’m thinking that there is some special way of blowdrying a middle parting to give it that Holly Willoughby bouncy vibe that I just don’t know about? If there is, and you have a middle parting, do spill the beans. At the moment, i’m enjoying my longer fringe, although slightly more of a pain to style, and not cut correctly (A grown out side swept fringe doesn’t sit as well as it would if I had my hair cut properly in a middle parting), but I am still considering getting out the scissors and giving it a snip back to my comfortable sidey. What do you reckon?