I’m one of these girls, who must always have a lip balm everywhere I go, sometimes even a couple. (I currently have about 3 in my handbag). Lip balms, I think, are an absolute essential. Especially for me as I tend to always have dry lips during both winter and summer months. It’s annoying, but nothing that a good lip balm won’t sort out.

When I was offered to try out one of these gorgeous shell lip balms by the lovely brand owner, I was extremely excited. Not only is it such a lovely, unique idea, but look how adorable it is! Each shell is individually sourced from the beach, and the lip balm itself is handmade from all the most beneficial and organic ingredients. The balm contains coconut oil, rosehip oil, beeswax, lanolin wax, jojoba oil, macadamia oil and mango seed butter. As well as containing everything that a good lip balm requires, it also DOES everything a good lip balm should. It’s not a lot of good having a gorgeous shiny shell balm sitting pretty on your dressing table, or being elegantly pulled from your handbag if it’s not actually going to nourish or moisturize your lips. The scent and flavour of the balm is mostly unscented, although it does have that slight beeswaxy scent to it. I think it would be amazing if they branched out and offered various different flavours to choose from, as I personally prefer something a little more fruity.

I think these shell lip balms are such a cute idea. Every girls needs a lip balm, and why not a high quality one inside a naturally sourced shell WITH mini mirror? If not for yourself, I think they’d make the perfect gift. There are 4 shell styles to choose from, and they each cost £12.99 and are shipped in their own little grey drawstring bag. There is currently an offer on the website where you can buy 2 for £22, so that’s one for you, and a present for someone else (then you don’t have to feel as guilty treating yourself ;))

  • Omg! I know this is an old post, but I couldn’t help but comment to say that I’m fawning over the idea of shell lip balms! The fact that they are real sea shells and the lip balm ingredients are organic/natural has convinced me to buy one! Thanks for blogging about it :)