Who can you spot?

As most of you might be aware, I am a little obsessed with Instagram. Being a lover of photography this little iphone app is something I am always using and loving and I have now clocked up a rather large amount of photos on there. It’s a shame to have all those memories and pretty photos trapped in your phone, so to rectify this problem, I used a site called Printstagr.am to print out my favourite images. I’m not too sure where i’ll put them yet, but i’m pleased with how they came out, and all in such good quality. You can buy them in stacks of 12 in 2 different sizes. You can choose between mini prints or slightly larger more “polaroid” style, which is what I opted for. The website also allows you to create calendars, stickers, posters, mini books and memory boxes with your prints, which I think is such a nice idea either for yourself or for a present for someone else. Now I just need to decide where i’m going to put them. I think they’d look great on a wall or a pin board. If like me you are a bit obsessed with Instagram, or you have a selection of photos you think would look brilliant printed out, I’d definitely take a peek on their website. 

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  • Yobi

    Definitely cute. I love the new website design. It’s beautiful and classic.

  • just like you

    Zoe how are u so cute?😆😆