“Dribbling Sailor”

My Dad was searching through the attic a few days ago and he found some old photo albums covered in dust and very much un-loved. I went through some of them and found old baby & toddler photos of myself and my brother Joe. I thought some of them were worth sharing with you all, as they were too juicy not to. I post a lot of photos of me now, but I thought it would be interesting for you to see me before too. I always LOVE looking at friends’ baby albums and seeing the similarities in both personality and facial features. Plus, who doesn’t love babies? 

“Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?”                        Not sure what tickled me so much here!

“Fatty little ankles, teeny feet & blonde curly hair”                         “Chillin’ in the garden with my subtle hat”

“Oh hey, just chillin’ in my retro dolls pram like a little victorian child…”

                     “Apparently I was being a spaceman”                                   “Someone vomitted 90’s on me…”

Funky sunglasses and the beginning of my collar obsession?” “I was a thumb sucker and I wore jumpsuits and flatcaps”


“This made me chuckle, Plus, Joe looks like a Mitchell brother – Eastenders watchers will know what I mean”

      “Spots and Stripes and another collar”                               “Crazy face, crazy hair and crazy bubbles”

“Holiday snap! Joe is a sailor and I am..well…I’m not sure, but I’d wear those shorts now…”

“Saved my favourite until last, this is one of me and Joe in the garden. It just makes me smile so much”

I felt so nostalgic and happy flicking through lot’s of old photos, and it reminded me that we all take so many digital photos these days and leave them on our memory cards and laptops and never print any out! I love having them on there, don’t get me wrong, but there is something a lot more special about a photograph when you can hold it in your hand and recover it years later. I’m definitely going to be printing lot’s of my favourite photographs and putting them into albums and frames!

If you’re a blogger, i’d love to see old photographs of you too. It’s nice to see outfit of the days and know what we all look like now, but it’s even more exciting to see what we used to look like and what we used to wear. Plus, this brought back so many happy memories for me! Get scanning your old snaps and reminisce the old days.

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