Hello Readers, It’s 2014 and my first post is on the 21st January. FAIL. Most of you will know, that myself and my blog like to take breaks every once in a while. A while then slowly turns into a long time, and I become a little nervous to blog again. “Why?”, Might you ask. Well, besides the fact i’ve been blogging now for almost 5 years (in February), so you would think i’m used to it, I still seem to put a lot of pressure on myself when it comes to blog content. I feel like I can’t return to my blog with a beauty review, or a simple post, in case you are all disappointed as you’ve been waiting so long. I need to learn not to worry about it, and just write about what I want to write about, despite there being a lot of you to keep happy these days. *pretends nobody is reading* 

Instead of writing a blog post about all the things I was happy to do in 2013, I did a video. Some of you may have seen it, but i’ll leave it below in case you haven’t. In short, 2013 was probably the best year of my life so far. 

2014 came around SO quickly, I almost wasn’t ready for it. I feel like I have to have plans and expectations all set out for the whole year, but I don’t. Life is spontaneous sometimes and that is what a diary is for after all. One thing that I decided I was going to do this year, is to move out. Moving out is no stranger to most people at 23, as they may have lived with partners, or may have been to uni. However, I’ve not done either of those things. I always thought i’d be one of those people that needs family around me most of the time and the comfort of a home. I think this was mostly due to my anxiety. I even assumed that when the time came to move out, I would move 2 minutes down the road so I was never far from “home” or the place i’ve lived my whole life. I went to a primary school that had a grand total of about 60 pupils, it was small and comforting. My secondary school life was my first experience of a bigger school (of normal size, but to me…of colossal size). Again, it took me a good while to feel comfortable there, even though the town was only small and the school wasn’t the biggest in the county. I remember that my best friend and I would talk about how we would move to a house in our village when we were older, and that we’d always be there, and we’d get married in the local church and have babies and send them to the same school we went to. Once you start to see more of the world, and make friends with people in Northampton, Norwich, Brighton and everywhere else across the globe, you come to realise that you’ll only ever be a drive or a plane ride away from someone who you care about, and you will make those journeys when you want and when you can. Last year, I grew as a person (not in height, but in confidence). The travelling made me realise that distance isn’t such an issue, and being somewhere that is a bit out of your comfort zone, can actually be an amazing experience. 

If you follow my vlogging videos, you’ll know I spent a lot of time in Brighton last year, and I grew to love it…A LOT. Most of you will know I have this thing about being near the sea, and how calming I find it. I feel like that whenever I visit Brighton. There are amazing shops, cute cafe’s, delicious restaurants, entertainment & easy public transport (something that living in the countryside i’ve never had). I didn’t think i’d love it so much that i’d want to live there, a whole 3 hours from home. BUT, I’m biting the bullet and i’m doing it. Me, Percy & Pippin on a Brighton adventure by the sea. 

At the moment I am packing things into boxes. I thought I’d have a lot of stuff to take with me, turns out I just own way too many clothes. If any of you have been wondering why i’m a bit MIA so far this year, it’s because i’m having to do lot’s of adult things and packing as i’m moving next week. (argh!)

Here’s to an exciting adventure in 2014 for Zoella. 

*raises no glass as I haven’t bought any yet*

If you live in Brighton, or visit regularly, do leave below any cute places you love to visit, nice restaurants & tips and tricks of living in Brighton. Or even if you’ve moved and you have any advice to give me, I’d be HUGELY grateful.

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