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Scrolling through Pinterest on the daily means you’re always coming across things you wish you had in your home. Dreamy interiors are totally my thing and one day I want to live in my very own “pinterest-goals” house. If I had the time, I would be revamping sections of my current house until I felt like it was a masterpiece only ever created on the sims. Not that there is anything wrong with my current house I’d like to add, I’m just a tinkerer. I like to play around with things until I’m 100% happy with them. That meant when I was young, the colours of my bedroom walls changed seasonally and my room was moved around more times than I could keep up with. Having a bigger house and a job/business that requires my attention 24/7 means I don’t have the time to tinker around like I used to (note to self: allow time to tinker). One thing I’ve wanted for a while now is a bar cart. I hear you now, “but Zoe, you don’t drink mate…why do you need one of those”. Well, judgemental person on the internet, I drink soft drinks that also look pretty on a bar cart and I actually really enjoy creating and making cocktails for others. The bar cart I ordered was this wheeled one from Oliver Bonas with marbled and mirrored surfaces. I was instantly in love and set about arranging different beverages, bottles and tumblers on the trolley. As you can see, Alfie is a Gin lover so we need to work on expanding the spirits somewhat. What would I do if someone asked for a mojito? If you have a bar cart, I’d love to see how you style yours and what staples you have and use on the regular? 


Luxe Drinks Trolley – Oliver Bonas   Copper Pineapple Goblets – Oliver Bonas  Copper Honeycomb Tumblers – Oliver Bonas  Vera Wang Infinity Toasting Flutes – John Lewis  Large Gold Hexagon Mirror (Similar) – Oliver Bonas