5 Of Our Favourite News Stories From Last Week

From Meryl Streep reading James and the Giant Peach to a virtual anniversary one couple will never forget, find five of our favourite news stories from last week.

Teacher’s Pets

Teacher’s like Ingeborg Meinster-Van der Duin from the Dr. H.Bavinck school in Haarlem are truly one of a kind. After missing her students so much during lockdown she decided to knit little dolls that represented each of them. From their hair colour down to their freckles, each doll is adorable, we wish we had a teacher like her.

Gaza Girl

Fajr Hmaid is a 13-year-old girl living in a shack on the Gaza strip who has taken it upon herself to start teaching young children in her area. She claims it is her dream to become a teacher and has boldly and bravely decided to help those who have been affected by schools shutting in March. She teaches English, Arabic and Math to a group of pupils that have grown from a handful to 15!

New York, New York

If you can’t visit your favourite city in the world due to the Coronavirus than make like Ed and Barbra Higgins from Norfolk and bring the city to you! The couple’s 50th Anniversary trip to the big apple was made virtual by friends and family complete with a full itinerary on the day they were supposed to fly, afternoon tea delivered to their door and virtual walking tours for all the sights they were supposed to see!

Baby Planet

Scientists have new images that suggest they could be evidence of the birth of a new planet. The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope has observed a swirling dense disk of dust and gas with a spiralling twist seen inside. The findings could help scientists understand lots more about this universe of ours and how exoplanets come to be.

Roald Dahl Delights

Enjoy star-studded readings of Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach on YouTube! Hilarious award-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi has put together one of the most impressive casts we’ve seen -Meryl Streep included- to read the fantastic book and raise money for Partners In Health, who deliver health care to the world’s poorest places. Find 5 episodes here.