50 New Year’s Resolutions That Might Actually Improve Your Life

So, whether this year you're manifesting big Virgo energy into a list of dedicated resolutions, or simply want to change your "espresso martinis solve everything" mindset, keep reading for 50 unique New Year's Resolutions that might actually improve your life.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, as a new calendar page is turned and January is upon us once more, the age-old question of which New Year Resolutions you plan to set for the optimistic year ahead is suddenly the topic of small talk everywhere. And whilst it may be cliche to use the new year as motivation for change, there is something about fresh starts that prompts a renewed enthusiasm for life and the possibility for the impossible (i.e. actually going to the spin class you booked last week) to really come true.

So, whether this year you’re manifesting big Virgo energy into a list of dedicated resolutions, or simply want to change your “espresso martinis solve everything” mindset, keep reading for 50 unique New Year’s Resolutions that might actually improve your life.

  • Promise yourself you’ll stop buying spinach only for it to go soggy in your salad drawer after using your selective eyesight skills to look past it every time you open the fridge.
  • Give out one compliment a day because that girl in the Jakke coat needs to know how 11/10 she looks. Gorgeous gorgeous girls hype up other gorgeous gorgeous girls.
  • Read a book a month. But don’t be mad if you don’t touch another novel after March 2022 because two years on from the start of the pandemic life still feels like a dystopian work of fiction.
  • Set the boundaries your therapist has been kindly encouraging you to put in place for the past 5 years. “Thou shall not text back my toxic ex”.
  • Start reformer pilates and transform your life whilst also bankrupting yourself in the process.
  • Try meatless Mondays or veggie weekends because we Stan small changes making big differences.
  • Stop doom scrolling before 9am because you’re dedicated to investing in your mental health.
  • Whilst also still sending your bestie TikToks at 11pm because #balance.
  • Make your bed every morning without fail because it feels like life will naturally fall into place if you do.
  • Stop buying overpriced coffee as a ‘treat’ every time you leave the house and actually use the cafetiere you received a mere two weeks ago for Christmas that’s already collecting dust.
  • Endeavour to keep at least 2 plants alive this year. Real blue sky thinking happening here.
  • Batch cook your lunches on a Sunday because you are indeed That Bitch.
  • Practise realism and know that 10k steps a day simply ain’t gonna happen so aim for a humble 5,000 instead. Mo Farah WHO?
  • Imagine five realistic scenarios in which you will wear a new item of clothing before buying it- and no, dinner with Harry Styles doesn’t count.
  • Buy an address book and keep it updated because isn’t that what being a ‘together’ adult looks like?
  • Try to reply to all messages within a 6 hour window because the unread WhatsApp notifications are really throwing off the Zen vibe.
  • Put your laundry away as soon as it’s dry. Boom- 2022, completed it.
  • Actually put some money into your Help to Buy ISA rather than scrolling past it, a la spinach in the fridge.
  • Buy a boujie water bottle because would it be a new year’s resolutions post if it didn’t include drinking more H2O? Didn’t think so.
  • Try out cold showers because if feeling good is as easy as that then wtf have we been doing all this time.
  • Take your rubbish out of the car ASAP because pushing old McDonalds bags out of the way upon trying to use the passenger seat is not conducive to a good start to the day, just sayin’.
  • Endeavour to do more for the planet. That includes more public transport, less fast fashion and remembering your Keep Cup.
  • Download the Calm app and dedicate 10 minutes a day to meditating because with Mr Omicron around you’re gonna need it.
  • Start gratitude journalling before bed because although the 2020 nightmare is still living on, there are in fact some things to be grateful for, e.g. Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man NWH.
  • Call your grandparents more often because 1. Wholesome and 2. They will love you even more for it.
  • Try not to sleep in your make-up after a night out by imagining Caroline Hirons watching over you as you lay your head down with foundation still clinging to that dry patch on your cheek. Grab for an oil cleanser STAT.
  • Perfect one impressive recipe that can be used for every dinner party in the entirety of 2022. This adulting lark might not be so hard after all!
  • Set some sort of weekly or monthly budget and try sticking to it. The operative word being ‘try’.
  • Practice intentional breathing and check in with yourself throughout the day during moments of stress to see if you’re holding your breath or clenching your jaw. Small habits can equal big changes.
  • Unsubscribe from all the SH*T in your inbox and feel immediately cleansed.
  • Subscribe to the Zoella newsletter because the 2022 content is already off the charts.
  • Apply sunscreen daily because remember, Hirons is always watching.
  • Go through your camera roll and don’t hold back on deleting that old screenshot you’ve revisited approximately never, because no one needs 20,000 pics let’s be real.
  • Schedule more fun because you’re the one writing your resolutions and it doesn’t have to be all salads and early nights- go wild people!
  • Send more hand-written cards, just because. Everyone loves a meaningful card, and your relationships will likely go from strength to strength as a result.
  • Create more of a mindful relationship with alcohol and drink when it enhances your life, not masks problems.
  • Make an effort to shop small for birthdays and anniversaries and celebrate the indie businesses killing the game.
  • Assess what makes your heart sing and create a plan to change what doesn’t. Not everything boring in life can be swapped out, but the new year offers fresh motivation to increase the love in your life- be it your job, home or relationships.
  • Carve out time for solo activities every month- be it lunch, the cinema, or even a walk in nature, you are the main character!
  • Unfollow the social media accounts that make you feel 1/10 and remember you’re in charge of fostering an environment you thrive in.
  • Don’t say “I’m sorry” unless you really mean it.
  • Learn something you never did as a child- be it swimming, riding a bike or practicing self-compassion, listening to our inner child more can heal endless wounds.
  • Stop scrolling on your phone whilst watching Netflix and maybe then you’ll understand what’s going on in Riverdale. Probably not, but you might.
  • Pay it forward and pass on the good vibes because sometimes they really do make the world keeping turning.
  • Listen to a new album every month and give your neighbours a break from SOUR.
  • Spot clean your home as you go, because although satisfying, that big Sunday clean need not be so long.
  • Stop the FOMO and set a limit on your daily Instagram usage- yes we see you scrolling under the covers.
  • Conquer a fear and feel like a boss because of it. Spiders COME @ ME.
  • Stop self-sabotaging your relationships and learn about your
    love/apology languages and attachment style to bring only the most positive and prosperous relationship into your life.
  • Create a daily affirmation that speaks to you and channel it whenever you need throughout the day- let’s start with: “I am destined for greatness this year”.