10 of the Best Celebrity Booze Brands Worth Breaking Dry Jan For

From vodka to tequila, rosé to prosecco, there’s something for everyone when it comes to exploring this unique industry.

The celebrity alcohol industry has boomed over the past decade, with everyone from Dwayne Johnson to Kylie Minogue hustling to ensure their bottle is front and centre of supermarket aisles and bar displays everywhere. From vodka to tequila, rosé to prosecco, there’s something for everyone when it comes to exploring this unique industry and the varying levels of involvement stars have within the process of creating, bottling and promoting their chosen beverages.

So if you’re feeling like this month is lasting 10x longer than the whole of 2021 combined and you’d rather don some low rise jeans than complete Dry Jan, look no further than the below alcohol brands for your fix of relaxation in a bottle…

1. 818 Tequila- Kendall Jenner

Starting with arguably the most notable celebrity alcohol brand launch of the past decade, we have 818 Tequila from ultimate cool girl, Ms Kendall Jenner. Named after the zip code of her home in Calabasas, California, 818 was crafted for years before being released in 2021, and anonymously won major tasting competitions- including the World Tequila Awards and the Ultimate Spirits Challenge- for a variety of categories such as Best Reposado Tequila and Best Añejo Tequila. 818 is also home to the agaves grown for the tequila and production of the bottles it’s sold in, with “sustainability and transparency of our supply chain” being a core focus.

There will be no weird post-shot faces or rushing to suck on a lime with 818 on your bar cart, as the sweet agave flavours mingle with notes of vanilla and tropical fruits, finishing with hints of almonds, lime pie and toasted coconut for the perfect Friday night tipple. 818 agaves are left to mature for 7 years to reach peak maturity, before being cooked for 40 hours and finally crushed and their juices extracted using large stone Tahonas as part of a traditional technique.

At a cool £54.99 a 75cl bottle, it’s certainly not a budget beverage, but can you put a price on being the ultimate cool girl? We think not. 

Where to get it: VIP Bottles

£54.99 for a 75cl bottle.

2. Della Vite Magnum Prosecco- Chloe, Poppy and Cara Delevingne

Celebrations in order? Chances are you’ll be raising a glass of Prosecco, and Della Vite (meaning ‘from the vine’) from the uber cool Delevigne sisters is one you’ll absolutely want on ice and ready to pop at a moment’s notice. Inspired by the sisters’ love for socialising accompanied by a glass of bubbles, be it “sunshine brunches and long garden lunches to cocktail hours and festival days”, Prosecco is an integral part of their relationship, and thus Della Vite was born. Made in a solar-powered winery with 100% vegan processes, Della Vite uses “innovative methods and homemade natural ingredients to push the boundaries of winemaking”. The brand currently offers two Proseccos, the Superiore (rich and extra-dry ) and the Treviso (clean and bright with a mix of gooseberry and date notes), both capturing the feeling of sun drenched days and the warmth of good company.  

Where to get it: Della Vite

Superiore £25.95 | Treviso £19.95

3. Invivo X, SJP Sarah Jessica Parker Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Did someone say Sauvignon in the city? Elegant, aromatic and deeply tropical, Invivo X SJP is made up of notes of lemon curd, matcha and ripe peach and offers “terrific intensity and fruit purity” to finish. Anyone else sold already? Created in collaboration with Invivo wines, winners of over 250 international wine medals (including best Sauvignon Blanc), Sarah Jessica Parker has created a New Zealand wine that will transport you right to a Manhattan rooftop with your girlfriends, and is perfectly paired with sushi or an Asian inspired salad. With two vintage Invivo X, SJP Sauvignon Blancs released previously, their third vintage in 2021was awarded 92 points by the Wine Spectator magazine. 

For those who live for the finer details, SJP designed the label herself with the X and comma directly after it referencing her signature email and Instagram-post sign-off: “X, SJ.” And just like that, we’re adding 3 bottles to basket…

Where to get it: Wine Delivered

£12 for a 75cl bottle.

4. Aviation American Gin- Ryan Reynolds 

G&Ts all round? Originally founded by Christian Krogstad and Ryan Magarian in 2006, Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds became the brand’s co-owner after acquiring a stake of Davos Brands in 2018.  Despite then selling his stakes in the brand in 2020, Ryan will remain the public face of the brand for the next 10 years, which is just as well seeing as his famously dry humour has become synonymous with Aviation’s social media and tone of voice. Aviation American Gin offers a softer and smoother taste in comparison to London Gins which are typically sharper in comparison, and has been said to have been one reason for gin’s increase in popularity in the U.S. Its blend of botanicals- including cardamom, coriander, French lavender, anise seed, sarsaparilla, juniper, and two kinds of orange peel- creates a more subtle juniper flavour, making it perfect on the rocks or as part of a floral gin cocktail on a summer’s evening too. 

Where to get it: The Bottle Club

£29.99 70cl bottle 

5. Quatre Vin wines- Oliver Proudlock, Emma-Louise Proudlock, Elliot Awin, and Paula Anton.

Red wine lovers rejoice, Made In Chelsea’s Oliver Proudlock, model Emma-Louise Proudlock and friends Elliot Awin and Paula Anton (Director of Cultural Influence) have created an organically farmed red that oozes sophistication at an affordable price. Described as being packed with “super crunchy red cherry fruit, vibrant pomegranate, and a touch of spicy sophistication”, it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser for winter dinner parties with friends, or the perfect gift to accompany meeting the in-laws. The QV team are soon releasing the dream Rose in Spring of 2022, featuring freeze dried strawberries and a light floral touch that brings Provence to your glass! Emma-Louise, the brand’s resident food aficionado, recommends pairing the wine with charcuterie, cheeses, oily fish, white fish and lamb- we’ll take a case please.  

Where to get it: QV Wine

Quatre Vin Rouge 2020: £16.99, 75cl bottle

6. SelvaRey Rum- Bruno Mars

With a tagline as smooth as Mr Mars’ voice itself (‘Tropical Luxury, Wherever You Are’, oof), there’s no holding back when it comes to falling head over heels for the variety of rum flavours on offer from SelvaRey Rum. Created on a single estate in the jungles of Panama, SelvaRey claims to control and perfect every stage of the process from harvesting to fermenting, ageing to bottling for the best and smoothest rum in the biz! Following the brand’s launch in 2014, Bruno stepped on board as co-owner and creative visionary behind the brand, and everything from their Instagram feed to packaging oozes a 70s summertime dream. From White Rum (perfect for mojitos and daiquiris), Chocolate Rum, Coconut Rum and Owner’s Reserve (A Blend Of Rums Aged Between 15 And 25 Years), there’s something for everyone looking for a slice of Panama spirit and tropical paradise. 

According to Mars, “Anyone holding a good rum cocktail is exactly where they want to be”, and if that doesn’t sell it we don’t know what will.

Where to get it: SelvaRey

Although currently not available to ship to the U.K, it’s one to keep on your radar for travels to the U.S and parts of Asia! Prices range from $70-£149

7. Haig Club- David Beckham

Smooth, light and fronted by dream man Mr David Beckham, Haig Club has cemented itself as a go-to brand for whisky lovers worldwide, both with its iconic blue bottle and delicious taste. Named after John Haig, the founder of Cameronbridge distillery (where the whisky is made), Haig Club is perfect for both regular whisky lovers and newbies branching out alike, with its sweet flavour helping it go down a dream over ice or in an Old Fashioned, enjoyed fireside in a wintery pub. In addition to their classic whisky, in 2021 Haig Club introduced their Haig Club Mediterranean Orange spirit drink, bringing a slice of the Med to homes and glasses everywhere. Add some Fever Tree lemonade, a wedge of orange and ice and prepare to be transported to sunnier times after one sip.

Where to buy: Most major supermarkets and bars and the official Haig Club site

Classic Whisky: £24.99, 70cl bottle.

8. Avaline- Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power

Branded as “just clean, delicious wine”, Avaline Wine by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power combines everything you want from a beautiful bottle of vegan goodness that screams chic, fresh and beautifully aesthetic. One look at the brand’s Instagram feed transports you to a bright and aspirational alternate universe in which drinking wine is the only agenda, and will have you searching for a reason to celebrate by opening a new bottle. Wednesday is the new Friday, right? Stocking red, white, rose and sparkling wines, Avaline is a one stop shop for delicious vegan wine that is kind to your body and the palate. Friends and now business partners Cameron and Katherine describe it as “wine at its purest, created with discerning drinkers (and friends) in mind, who embrace the pleasure of a whole life and a relaxed approach to wellbeing.”

Formed with organic grapes, guaranteed never to be farmed with harsh synthetic pesticides, Avaline is free from unwanted additives and made delicious by its carefully considered ingredients only. Complete with a grazing board, white table cloth and fresh flowers as a centrepiece and you’re living the Avaline life- it looks good on you!

Where to buy: Sign up to the Avaline newsletter to be the first to hear about worldwide shipping options!

White: $24, Rose: $24, Red: $26

9. Villa One- Nick Jonas

Tequila shots but make it classy, Villa One by Nick Jonas and John Varvatos sources 100% blue Weber agave from both the Highland and Lowland regions of Jalisco, Mexico, creating a sweeter, fruitier flavour that goes down like a dream. Their Tequila is created at their own  craft distillery, Fabrica de Tequilas Finos in Jalisco, guaranteeing the use of traditional techniques and pure, natural ingredients. Available in Silver, Reposado and Añejo flavours, each offering different notes for every occasion, Villa One seemingly has something for every Tequila lover’s palate. 

Where to buy: Uptown Spirits, available with worldwide shipping. 

10. Maison No. 9- Post Malone

Did you know Post Malone had his own Rosé wine? Us neither. Maison No. 9 was established with co-founders Dre London & James Morrissey in 2020, and was born from Malone’s love of the Mediterranean lifestyle and rosé, and a desire to deliver the best-in-class wine. Described as ​​”crisp, refreshing, and smooth, this dry, classic Rosé is wonderfully balanced and round with a texture that is mouthwatering and savoury. Very light, bright and clear with dominant orchard fruits like peaches, peach ring candies and sweet fruit salad”- we don’t know about you but it sounds quite frankly delicious. 

The soft peachy hue of this wine is what summer dreams are made of, and its accessible price point and beautiful design (influenced by Post’s favourite tarot card, FYI) is one your guests will certainly be wanting more of. Its sleek appearance and fully sustainable glass closure was designed to be kept and reused, with no detail spared in the creative process of bringing this rosé to life. 

Where to buy: Tesco

£19 for a 75cl bottle.