We Tried: ALL the Christmas Sandwiches So You Don’t Have To

The John Lewis ad has been unveiled, Wizzard's on the radio again and most importantly the cranberry smothered sandwiches are giving our mundane lunches life once more. Huzzah! Screw you miso soup, screw you.

We made it our mission to devour the best turkey-laden baguettes and veggie festive offerings of the land, identifying the moist-makers from the barely-even-buttered Christmas sarnies so you don’t have to. Because that’s the kinda teammates we are.

Let us compare filling vs bread ratios forevermore thank you, please. Slap Christmas nibbles in and around our mouths until we smell more like pigs in blankets than pigs in blankets smell like pigs in blankets. Say pigs in blankets one more time.

Find out which Christmas sandwiches, toasties, subs and festive variants made it into our top 10 and prepare to salivate.

Pret: Veggie Christmas Lunch
Score: 5/5

In short, dear reader: it deserves cult status.

Sainsbury’s: Turkey Feast With Sage And Onion Stuffing
Score: 3.5/5

A textbook festive feast with generous chunks of turkey. What’s not to love?

Pret: Christmas Lunch
Score: 4/5

One for the traditionalists. Layers of free-range turkey, complemented by just the right amount of port & orange cranberry sauce, herby stuffing and spinach. A solid stalwart sandwich, sir.

Sainsbury’s: The Christmas Market sandwich
Score: 4.5/5

Gherkins in a Christmas sandwich, now that is WILD. Dubious though we were, it was a risk worth taking. Not a classic festive snack as we know it but top marks for originality and taste. Bravo, Sainsbury’s you win the award for best newcomer. Be proud.

Pret: Lobster Roll
Score: 3.6/5

Those crustaceans are a spenny bunch, eh? Not the most festive of flavours but if you like your prawn posh and your fish fancy, this is your kinda luncheon.

Tesco: Turkey Trimmings Sage And Onion Stuffing
Score: 4/5

If meat is what you came for, then you’ve lucked out on this triumphant trio of turkey, sausage and smoky bacon.

Pret: Brie Pistachio Cranberry Baguette
Score: 3.5/5

A handful of peppery rocket cuts through the creaminess of rich brie and cranberry sauce. Topped with a toasted pistachio crumb – unfamiliar territory as Christmas sarnies go but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Pret.

Starbucks: Turkey Festive Feast Panini
Score: 5/5

Sandwich sceptics, here’s one for you. Pulled turkey, hickory smoked bacon, Emmental cheese, chestnut stuffing and cranberry chutney spread over a rustic panini. It’s basically like poetry on the tongue.

Pret: Christmas Baguette
Score: 3.7/5

Everything you’d want from a Christmas sandwich, wrapped up in baguette form. Herby, crunchy, moist – expect an explosion of festive euphoria as soon as it hits your lips. Merry Christmas indeed, you filthy animals.

Nero: Vegan Christmas Dinner Ciabatta
Score: 3.6/5

2019 is the year plant-based Christmas sandwiches upped their game. Hand-stretched ciabatta, check. Butternut squash, check. Lashings of cranberry sauce, check. Our resident vegan digs it!

M&S: Made Without Wheat Turkey Feast
Score: 4.5/5

This is not a drill: we found a moist gluten-free sandwich. Need we say more? The festive fomo is over, guys.

M&S: Brie And Grape Sandwich
Score: 3.8/5

Grapes in a sarnie sounds pretty exotic but we can confirm it’s jammy and surprisingly good. We were shooketh.

Costa: Pigs & Blankets Mac & Cheese
Score: 3.7/5

Ok, so by definition it’s not a sandwich (doh, technicality) but when you take a holiday staple like pigs in blankets and tuck them under a creamy sleeping bag of mac and cheese, it’s going to change the game. They knew what they were doing. Would have again. And again. And again.

Costa: British Turkey & Trimmings Toastie
Score: 4.2/5

A perfectly crispy indulgent toasty loaded with cheese and all the Christmassy trimmings. You’re hired.

How many festive sandwiches have you tried and what’s your fave?