Zoella Wrapped! The Articles That Defined ‘22 

We’ve covered lifestyle content aplenty from the fun to the frank and everything in between but ICYMI, here’s our Zoella Wrapped Jan - December ‘22, featuring our most-read posts from every month.

As we dust off our most (un)comfortable dancing shoes, unleash the sequins and get ready to fluff up the words to Auld Lang Syne once more, we’re asking ourselves how we’re ringing in another new year already?! If 2020 was the year that stopped time, 2022 was the year that came and went quicker than Pete Davidson. 

Here on Zoella, we’re big advocates of looking back on the last 12 months and reflecting on our favourite moments and glorious highlights. With that in mind, we took the liberty of rounding up the creme de la creme of ‘22 reads from the website. 

We’ve covered lifestyle content aplenty from the fun to the frank and everything in between but ICYMI, here’s our Zoella Wrapped Jan – December ‘22, featuring our most-read posts from every month. Happy New Year, fellas!

January: We *Reluctantly* Tried the 5am Club So You Don’t Have To

As if January isn’t already bleak enough, some bright spark on the Zoella team decided it would be f-u-n for us to channel big Bear Grylls energy and try the 5am club. Waking up at an ungodly hour in January… how hard can it be? Some of us are still scarred from the trauma of it all. No journalism is worth sleep, or so we thought. This particular ‘We Tried’ proved very clickable, so at least our trauma wasn’t entirely in vain. Not all heroes wear capes, some wear lycra and sage their living rooms. 

February: Understanding Adult ADHD: How TikTok Is Inspiring Women to Seek Diagnosis

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder was once considered rare but now, more women are being diagnosed than ever before. In this article, we spoke to non-profit organisation Understood and Manchester-based mental health and style content creator Francesca Perks about her experience being diagnosed with ADHD, and both the challenges and relief that came with it. 

March: Pastel Season Has Arrived! 50 Spring-Manicures to Inspire Your Next Set 

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls continue to get their nails done even if they’re on the brink of telling their parents they’re moving back in due to the cost of living. Featuring all the carefree hot girl summer vibes, we compiled 50 spring ready manicures for your new-season set, and plenty of you were grateful for the inspo. 

April: We Tried the World’s First Pineapple-Shaped Sex Toy 

April Fool’s Day is not wasted on us and 2022 was our fruitiest prank yet. We utilised our faithful ‘We Tried’ formula to pull the pineapple over your eyes, and bingo – the world’s first pineapple-shaped sex toy was born. And we just so happened to get exclusive dibs on trying it… Buzzing!

May: What to *Actually* Expect When You’re Expecting: 50 Things No One Tells You About Being Pregnant 

The first poo is the hardest, baby I know, or so the famous (and fictional) Rod Stewart song goes. There are some things no amount of reading can prepare you for in pregnancy and motherhood, and the chances are 50 of them feature on this list. Someone’s gotta say it! From constipation to brain fog and M&S full briefs *truly a godsend for new mamas*, growing a human is both beautiful and utterly bonkers. 

June: Run Don’t Walk! The SheSpot X Zoella Box Is Here

In June, we collaborated with female-founded sexual wellness brand SheSpot to bring our audience a limited edition box of pleasure-based treats. Boasting a distinguished lineup of market-leading sex toys, intimate care products and holistic self-love products, we’re not surprised to see this collab on the best of ‘22 list. Well played readers, well played. 

July: 8 IG Accounts That Make the Wild World of Weaning That Little Bit Easier 

Feeding ourselves is hard enough but feeding your little one? Oh, oh the pressure of it all. Fret not for help is on the way dear *Mrs Doubtfire voice* thanks to these time-saving weaning accounts. From broccoli bites to carrot cake porridge and courgette fritters, these IG creators are on a mission to tell mamas everywhere that you don’t need to be a whizz in the kitchen to whip up something fun, nutritious and age-appropriate for your growing bubba. Baby-led weaning? Completed it. 

August: “I’ve Randomly Got the Ick From My Bf of 5 Years!” This Month’s Between You & Me

Ever wondered what happens when you catch the proverbial ick from your own bf? Does it have the gravitas to put you off them for life and prompt a breakup *gulp*? Absolutely savage. Back in August, Team Zoella were tasked with answering that very dilemma in our monthly Between You & Me series, the feature that sees your internet besties giving our best life advice… because a problem shared is a problem halved and all that, icks ‘n’ all. 

September: How to Squirt: A Beginner’s Guide

Despite the balmy September heatwave, one article made it rain amongst the Zoella audience. Enter: our beginner’s guide to squirting, written by the aptly named School of Squirt. You’re welcome.

October: What You Having For Ya Tea? Hearty Chicken & Leek Mash Topped Pie 

Fajitas are fine and everything but come autumn, there’s only one thing on our minds: hearty and carby British classics piled high with gravy, and it seems we weren’t alone in our quest to find a decent, faff-free recipe to elevate that mid-week dinner slump. We’re still salivating over this chicken and leek mash pie triumph! 

November: Category is: Festive Winter-Themed Baby Names

Looking for the perfect name for your bundle of joy? If you’re due in December, or just so happen to love festive, winter-themed baby names, this unique list is made for you, mama-to-be! From the rare gems and out-there options to the names rising in popularity and the cool but wearable monikers, here’s a list of names that embody this magical time of year beautifully.  

December: 20 Ways to Make the Most of Mistletoe and Wine Season 

Everyone loves a 5 minute scroll on the loo and our monthly listicles are designed entirely for that purpose. What can we say, keeping you entertained when you’re on the throne is what we do best, it’s what we live for. Full of relatable ways to make the most of every month of the year – case in point for December: Wonder if your S.O will do the honourable thing and get you a sausage dog this Christmas – we’re glad you lot love breezing through these quick reads as much as we love writing them.