Sentimental Gift Ideas

Kim Kardashian left us all ugly crying a few weeks back when she surprised her mum with the birthday to end all birthday presents: a day in their childhood home, with the same cars her parents used to drive, complete with the same number plates, parked in the same spot. And the award for daughter of the year goes to…

It got us feeling inspired to think outside the box with our Christmas presents this year and while we’re not about to go renting cars and houses anytime soon (sincere apologies, mum), there’s plenty of ways to make Christmas memorable for your nearest and dearest with thoughtful & considered gifts.

Let’s kick this hearty list of sentimental gift ideas off shall we? Five house points if you reduce them to happy, salty Yuletide tears.

Make a gift jar

Repurpose a glass jar and fill it with handmade notes, compliments, IOU coupons and date night plans. If they don’t blubber when opening this, you have permission to pinch them a little bit until they do.

Get them a ticket to their favourite show

Nothing says, ‘I love you’ like gifting them with a memory or an unforgettable experience. Take them to see their favourite show or artist, it’ll mean the world!

Make a personalised hamper

Whether they’re a cheese lover, a wine connoisseur or a beauty guru, you can create a themed hamper, stacked up with all their favourite things in life. Gotta love a DIY present with those personal touches.

A film poster

From Star Wars to Harry Potter, reminisce on that cinema trip you shared together many moons ago or a favourite film you never tire of watching.

Get them a ‘tell me’ book

We don’t always get round to asking the burning questions we’ve always wondered about our parents or grandparents. Questions like, ‘what did you want to be growing up?’ and ‘what’s your biggest achievement?’

This book inspires them to tell their story, leaving you with a lasting keepsake to cherish for years to come.

When they’re done filling it in, they can give the book back to you, or better yet they can buy it, fill it out and gift it to you instead.

Make a video

Edit your favourite photos or video clips together, drop in their favourite song and BOOM, watch them pull out the, “I’ve got something in my eye” excuse.

Book a class / course

Are they obsessed with flowers, an avid chef or a budding photographer? Why not treat them to a masterclass or a course to encourage them to do more of what makes them happy.

Learn their favourite song

Ok, this one’s kinda limited to the musically-talented but if you can handle your strings or tickle the ivories, why not learn their favourite tune and surprise them on Christmas Day with a sing-a-long. We bet there’s not a dry eye in the house. Our work here is done.

Make them a member

Are they a film fanatic? Sort them out with a cinema membership to unlock exclusive discounts, priority booking and free tickets.

If they’re a nature enthusiast, you could get them a National Trust membership so they can enjoy getting outside all year round.

Sign them up for a subscription

Who wouldn’t want to receive fresh flowers in the post every month or their favourite magazine? It’s the kind of thing you wouldn’t treat yourself to but as a gift idea, it’s THE FREAKING BEST.

Frame their favourite quote

Whether it’s a quote from their favourite novel or the lyrics from their wedding song, framing the words that mean the most to them is a sure-fire way to make them smile.

Treasure your childhood videos

Put all your home videos onto an SD card or a DVD and give them to all your family members to enjoy. Prepare to be the favourite child.

Got a sentimental gift idea up your sleeve? Hit us with your best Kim Kardashian-style tearjerker!