3 Ways to Style Your Christmas Mantlepiece

Adding seasonal flourishes to your home is a must at Christmas time and one of the easiest ways to do it is by styling up your mantelpiece - your tree can't have all the attention now, can it?

Your fireplace is a great place to start because it’s usually the focal point of a room but while it’s only a small and narrow space, it can be tricky to decide exactly what you want to do with it.

We’ve included a few options to suit different aesthetics from the colourful and eclectic to the simple and understated. Happy decorating!

Golden Glow

Christmas lights aren’t just for the tree. Add a holiday glow to your mantelpiece with ambient fairy lights, tea lights and candelabras.

Embed your lights into your garland or make an easy centrepiece simply by folding them into an empty hurricane vase or two.

Gold bottle brush trees, faux foliage and metallic accents finish off this beautifully understated arrangement.

You can also try leaning different sized decorations against the wall and layering them in front of one other for a relaxed display that feels perfectly undone, just like the stars in this festive vignette.

Scandinavian Vibes

Should you want a cosy look that still feels stylish, stick to a simple colour palette of frosty hues and gold for a fuss-free mantel with big impact.

Nordic white stars create a classic and restful mantel while the gold candelabras add a hint of opulence.

Three simple pillar candles keep the focal point from becoming too crowded in the centre and the height of the candelabras create just enough balance and symmetry. Subtle but undeniably festive!

The Maximalist

If you can’t go big at Christmas, then when can you? This mantelpiece décor is all about the f-u-n. Fill the narrow ledge with thick foliage to create depth and movement. We’ve gone for faux greenery here but you can use fresh garland if you prefer.

More is more when it comes to maximalist styling, so don’t hold back on colour and texture. The greenery of the foliage anchors the display, creating fluidity and visual harmony while the coloured baubles nestled into the garland and hanging from the mantelpiece provide the perfect contrast against dark walls.

Balance your focal point with a pair of pillar candles, vases, or lanterns at either end of the mantel to add symmetry. Finally, for a playful and eclectic twist add in a non-trad ornament like this quirky flamingo!

Styling Tips To Consider

Complement Your Colour Scheme

Tie your mantelpiece colours in with the rest of your living space for cohesion. Whether it’s your sofa, a feature wall or your artwork.

Stick to Odd Numbers

Like floristry, any visual display is best arranged into groups of odd numbers, especially threes.

Vary Heights

Stacked books and tall candelabras are great for drawing the eyes upwards into the vertical space and elevating your smaller decorations.

Try to Achieve Symmetrical Balance

Start with your focal point (the large piece that anchors your design) and build out by arranging elements either side of your pièce de résistance.

If perfect symmetry is too polished and buttoned up for you, go for balanced asymmetry instead. Just make sure you create the same visual weight on either side of your focal point.

Don’t Forget to Use The Whole Space

You can hang festive bunting or stockings across the fireplace to create visual interest below the mantel arrangement.

Add a Living Element

Festive foliage, whether it’s real or faux, will not only add life to your mantel but it’s a great blank canvas to work with. Once you’ve got that in place, you can layer it with colour, texture and light to your heart’s content. If you don’t want to go all-out holiday spirit with a full garland, you can experiment with sprigs of fresh eucalyptus, berries or branches of fluffy cotton flower.

Avoid Straight Lines

Cluster your items together, staggering some slightly in front and some behind rather than lining them up side by side. This will help establish depth on a narrow mantelpiece.

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