The Ultimate Christmas Playlist!

Compiling a crowd-pleasing playlist for the holiday season is an art. One doesn't simply wing it with Wizzard when it comes to Christmas floor fillers, oh no. You've got to know your audience, suss out what makes the people's feet happy and mix it up with the old, the new and the less familiar.

You need tunes that’ll carry you all the way through from December 1st when you’re decorating your tree right up to the big day itself. You’ll need choirs, high notes, trumpets, minor chords and stamina. Plenty of stamina.

Get your festive grove on with these feel-good tunes. From the Mariah belters to the Bublé bangers, if it’s cheesy, catchy and leaves your toes a’tapping uncontrollably then you betcha, it belongs on the festive jingles playlist.

Whether you’re looking for classic carols to make your nan’s heart sing or Bieber’s pop rendition of drummer boy, there’s something for everyone in this yuletide mash up.

Songs From the Movies

Christmas Eve listening done right! This is the time to turn up the film soundtracks, unleash the Polar Express ballads and raise the roof with a good ol’ hum along to the flurrying flutes behind the much-loved Home Alone theme. It’s enough to thaw out your innards isn’t it?

Listen to the Spotify playlist here

The Christmas Covers

All your favourite classics re-imagined for a new era. Entertain your guests with these chilled-out tracks, perfect for playing away in the background as you get on with the task in hand: making a dent in that festive feast. Reworking a Christmas classic is a risky little game but if anyone’s cut out for it, it’s Ariana Grande.

Permission to add this year’s John Lewis ad soundtrack by Bastille to this category – granted. Originally a rock classic by REO Speedwagon back in 1985, the Can’t Fight This Feeling cover has been given a pop-indie edge and we just know we’ll be playing it on repeat this Christmas. It’s what Edgar would want.

Listen to the Spotify playlist here

The Classics

Yuletide is all about the warm and fuzzy jams. The soothing kind you want on in the background when you’re slightly over wrapping all your gifts with Rowan Atkinson levels of enthusiasm and accuracy in that iconic Love Actually scene.

Enter Irving Berlin and Tchaikovsky’s nostalgic Nutcracker ballet. Their dulcet notes will keep you calm enough to carry on.

Listen to the Spotify playlist here

Pop Anthems

Queen Mariah rules this category – we can recognise those jaunty piano chords anywhere! Christmas pop anthems provide the best backing track for the family games segment on Christmas Day, or peeling the spuds ready for roasting with The Pogues.

And when gramps falls asleep – because let’s face it, with a belly full of turkey he will – pump out a bit of raucous Slade. That’ll liven him up in time for the Queen’s Speech.

Listen to the Spotify playlist here

The Bumper Soundtrack

And for a round-the-clock playlist to keep you in the holiday spirit from dusk till dawn, here’s the ultimate playlist featuring everything from all categories, rolled into one. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.

Listen to the Spotify playlist here