Reflecting On The Decade With Friends

Before we get into the New Year shindigs, let's take a minute to reflect on the personal stardom, memories and era-defining inventions that have shaped an entire decade.

As 2019 comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to take stock of everything, from the TV series we formed unhealthy attachments to, and the moments when humanity stepped up and did us all proud, join Team Zoella and a few of our favourite Tuesday Takeover faces in bidding this year and the nine that went before it a very fond farewell. The last 10 years have been a real whirlwind of politics, Royal weddings and dresses that divided a nation. Was it black and blue or white and gold, though? Ah, internet – where would we be without you!

“I think the last decade has probably been the most challenging, rewarding and craziest decade of my entire life. It’s been my entire career, Zoella, everything has happened in this decade and it’s been the most fun and the craziest thing to try and navigate. I met Alfie In those 10 years, I met Mark in those 10 years, I built a team, I’ve got a great support network around me, I’ve done things I never would’ve dreamed of doing! I baked in a tent with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood and met so many amazing people, and had the opportunity to be able to talk about things I love and inspire people along the way which has been so amazing.

I never ever would have imagined the last 10 years would have been what they have been, but I wouldn’t change anything, I’ve loved the journey I’ve been on through my 20’s and the next decade will be my 30’s which again I’m actually really excited about. I think they’ll be so different. I’ve definitely changed over the last 10 years as a person, I’ve grown into myself a lot more, I’ve found a lot of strength and grown personally in terms of my mental health and I think it will only get more enforced as I go into my 30’s. I’m really excited about the next decade and 2020, and all the travelling and the family, and all the amazing people I’ll get to meet along the way.”

Zoë Sugg