Create Your Backwards Bucketlist

We've all heard of a bucket list - the collection of goals and dreams you'd like to accomplish within your lifetime - but there's something to be said for reflecting on the milestones and achievements you've already ticked off.

The process of going through a reverse bucket list can be incredibly valuable; giving you an opportunity to prove you’ve done more than you think and to reflect on your personal accomplishments, however small.

Instead of comparing ourselves and focusing on the things we’re still working on, it encourages us to take stock of how far we’ve already come. In the same way, as the traditional bucket list inspires us to move forward, the reverse buck list reminds us of the importance of looking back with pride and gratitude.

From professional life, hobbies, education, travel, family, health and fitness, you can include anything that brings you happiness on your list. Even the most mundane moments have a way of serving us when we look back on them.

To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve jotted down some examples of the types of accomplishments you can add to your list.

Here’s to celebrating you and all your life wins thus far. You go Glen Coco!