The ‘Joy Of Missing Out’ On NYE

‘What are you doing New Year’s Eve?’ It’s the big question on everyone’s lips at this time of year. It’s been immortalised in song by greats such as Ella Fitzgerald and Harry Connick Jr. and somehow seems to pop up in every conversation you have from November onwards.

It’s easy to feel a lot of pressure to make sure you do it right. Something big, glittery and fancy, as after all, it is the final night of the year. What if, however, you threw caution to the wind, and instead made absolutely no plans at all and did absolutely nothing? Well, we have to say, there can be an awful lot of joy in missing out!

While New Years can be a good opportunity to catch up with friends one final time before the year’s out, coordinating getting everyone in the same place at the same time can cause more stress than we’d like to take on in the blissful post-Christmas turkey haze. Taking the time out for yourself to enter the new year in a peaceful, relaxing manner is a great way to start as you mean to go on, and as they say, staying in is the new going out!

We’ve put together a few suggestions in case you want to do a little more than just lounge on the sofa, but that’s perfectly fine to do too!

Game The Night Away

More than just the one of you? Drag out the board game stack and set up a mini-tournament. Take it in turns to select a game, or if you have a favourite, set up a championship to determine the 2019 official champion of Dobble. Check out our list for a few of our faves if you’re stuck for inspiration.

A Festive Tipple

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean the refreshments have to be dull! Mix yourself a seasonal cocktail (or 3!) – we’ve got a few simple yet delicious recipes in our post here to make sure your evening is as fizzy as you fancy.

Take A Night Off

It’s worth reminding yourself that there is absolutely no rule that says you have to stay up until midnight. If you want to do actually nothing, you can! Head up to bed early and get a full night’s kip. We won’t judge! Bonus – if you still want to feel like you’ve seen the new year in without the late night, watch the fireworks on TV in a different time zone. Get your firework fix AND a full 8 hours.

The Post Christmas Pamper

Pull out the face masks, hair wraps and foot cream and settle in for a full-body pamper. The joy of a night in means no one is going to be judging your ancient dressing down so why not indulge in those extra nice beauty bits you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Go on, you deserve it!

Snacking Spectacular

It may not be a party but you certainly can snack like it is one. Pull out all your favourites, polish off all the Christmas leftovers and if you’ve got any chocolates left, may we suggest this sweet spectacular: a giant s’mores pie! In a blender, pulse together digestive biscuits with a range of chocolates (we used twirls, Maltesers, and crunchies) until they make a dust and place in a ovenproof dish, forming to make a pie base. Top with giant marshmallows and pop-under a grill for a few mins until the marshmallows toast and melt. Grab a handful of spoons and dig in; be warned it’s a messy one, but so worth it for an indulgent NY treat.

Whatever you decide to do, just because you’re not dancing the night away doesn’t mean you’re not in for a fabulous evening! If in doubt, pop on your comfiest pjs, snuggle down under a blanket and whack the Hootenanny or the fireworks on telly and ring in 2020 with the smug feeling you’re already home and cosy without a hangover in sight!

Are you staying in for NYE?