10 Recipes You Won’t Believe Are Vegan

When veganism first exploded onto the foodie scene, it was simply dubbed the next here today, gone tomorrow health fad. Now all the major supermarkets and fast food giants are catching on, proving that a plant-based trend really does have staying power.

Just one search of #vegan on Instagram and you’ll see the hashtag flooded with over 88.5 million posts. Needless to say, it’s going nowhere!

Market research by Mintel has revealed one in four new food products added to the supermarket shelves last year was vegan. Sales of meat alternatives also grew 40% last year with two-thirds of Britons now choosing to eat the products.

Whether you’re cutting out meat all-together or living that flexitarian lifestyle, one thing you won’t want to compromise on is taste, which is why we’re rounded up some of the best vegan recipes the internet has to offer. They’ve got flavour, they’ve got texture and they’ve got good game.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner – it’s all being served up right here with sweet snacks and desserts to boot.

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