The Ultimate List of Valentine’s Day Ideas For Your Beloved & Your BFFs

Valentine's Day is just around the corner but if the pressure of pulling out all the stops in the name of L-O-V-E has left you in a tizzy, we've got a load of date ideas in our locker for ya.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, loved up or just looking for something to do with the girls, these date ideas will ensure your V-Day / G-Day goes off with a bang.

For Valentine’s Day

1 Take a trip down memory lane

Relive some of your favourite moments together by going back to a significant place or recreating your first date night together.

2 Go for a beach walk

If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, go for a romantic stroll hand in hand. Bonus points if you make it for sunset, you romantic rascal you! No beach, no problem – wrap up warm and take a picnic to the countryside instead.

3 Have an at-home cinema night

Dim the lights, grab the popcorn, make frozen slushies and save the rest of the action for the back row. Wahey!

Whether you want to watch When Harry Met Sally or Dirty Dancing, reclining with your favourite human and a movie marathon is a great way to celebrate V-Day.

4 Recreate an old photo

If you’ve been coupled-up for a while, you could recreate an old photo. Grab the outfits, (if you don’t have the exact same ones, match as closely as you can with the same colours etc) and get posing! Who doesn’t love a good ‘then and now’ throwback snap?

5 Go clay-throwing (Ghost style)

Because what could be sexier than stroking wet clay together? Alexa, play Unchained Melody.

6 Book a spa day

Sure, it’s a classic Valentine’s Day move but if it ain’t broke! Whisk yourselves away for a bit of solid pamper time.

7 Have breakfast in bed

Indulge in a lazy morning in bed with crumpets, coffee and let’s face it, probably a bit of Call Of Duty if he has his way.

8 Tuck into a cheese and wine night

If you’re going to lay it on thick with the cheese this V-Day, this is the way to do it. Hunker down for the night with a fine vino and a vintage cheddar for company or host a wine tasting night with all your coupled-up mates. Need some cheeseboard inspo? Check out our blog post on how to perfect the ultimate cheese board right here.

9 Read a spot of poetry

Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours! Make like Carrie Bradshaw and Big by working your way around your local library reciting the best poems and love letters ever written.

10 Go on a mini-break/staycation

Pick a destination and get away from the everyday grind for the weekend. Switch off, reconnect with one another and make some new memories!

For Galentine’s Day

1 Blow dry & cocktails

A good bouncy blow out followed by a few tipples with the girls. Day made. Get me out of this wet suit and into a dry martini, already!

2 Write it in a letter, babe

Pen all your friends a little note of appreciation and post it to them. Who receives Valentine’s Day cards in the post anymore? Bring back a good thing.

You could also write a self-love letter to yourself to open in a year’s time. A gift from you, to you!

3 Organise a Secret Cupid

The same premise as Secret Santa only this time it’s for Galentine’s. Cute, right?

4 Go for a fancy brunch

Make a toast to friendship and unforgettable mems with bubbles, eggs Benedict and of course, your favourite gal pals.

Sketch does a great spread! We challenge you not wanna whip out your phone to get photo-proof that the squad is back together in this millennial pink parlour.

5 Have a movie marathon night

Pull an all-nighter, order takeaway food and watch movies with strong female leads. Ovaries before brovaries!

Leslie Knope blessed us with Galentine’s Day back in 2010 during Season 2 of Parks and Recreation, so it’s only right we honour this fake holiday with a series marathon. Here’s to ladies celebrating ladies!

6 Do a yoga class together

Make time to hang out and look after your wellbeing at the same time. Gals that downward dog together, stay together.

7 Go axe throwing

Ensure your Galentine’s Day is cliché free by… launching axes in the air and thinking of your ex. Naturally. Axe throwing, ex throwing – same, same.

8 Host a pot luck

The best kinda team building activity always involves food! If you’re organising a pot luck for the first time, you can get loads of helpful titbits right here.

9 Make your own bouquets

Spend a day picking wildflowers with your bezzie mates. Turn your dining table into a pop-up florist and have loads of fun making rustic and undone floral bouquets. Let that friendship bloom on!

10 Hit the road!

Put some spontaneity into your friendship and head off on a road trip somewhere new. Nothing says sisterhood like 3 hours in a car with a throwback playlist.

And because it’s always good to have a backup plan, here are a few more!

For your S.O.

Make a DIY ‘100 reasons why I love you’ jar | Visit a museum | Watch your favourite band play | Go on a double date | Go for a bike ride somewhere scenic | Do a chocolate making course | Pull off a surprise visit (for the long-distance lovers) | Plan an adventurous activity – Go Ape, rock climbing or a challenge if you’re both the competitive type | Go on a Gavin & Stacey tour
Visit a theme park

For your squad:

Go to Everyman Cinema and watch an iconic chick flick | Do an escape room together | Go plate smashing | See a musical | Book an afternoon tea See a drag show | Go bowling | Watch an anti-Valentine’s Day slasher
Play crazy golf | Turn a girly get-together into wine & words with a boozy book club night | Hold a crafts afternoon at yours | Go bouldering | Play prosecco pong | Do karaoke | Go for facials | Go wine tasting

Have you got any Valentine’s / Galentine’s Day plans this year?