50 Simple Acts Of Kindness

What better way to mark Random Acts of Kindness Day on the 17th of February than by sharing some of the ways we can make the world a brighter place!

From helping someone with their luggage to complimenting a stranger – often it’s the smallest and simplest of gestures that can mean the most.

One cup of coffee, one smile, one conversation – that’s all it takes to transform someone’s day.

To help lift others up and project those good vibes out into the universe, here’s 50 ideas to inspire kindness not just today but every day.

1 Read stories to school children

2 Donate blood

3 Bake something nice to bring into work

4 Leave positive notes in random places

5 Give chocolate to delivery drivers

6 Help someone with their bags or buggy

7 Buy someone in the queue a coffee

8 Volunteer at a homeless shelter

9 Cook an elderly neighbour a roast dinner or invite them round for a cup of tea

10 Go litter picking in your local park

11 Buy a cinema ticket for the person behind you

12 Leave your waiter a generous tip

13 Lend a friend your favourite book

14 Smile at a stranger

15 Call your grandparents to tell them you love them

16 Donate clothes and toys to charity

17 Give a stranger a compliment and mean it

18 Organise a fundraiser and raffle

19 Buy someone a lottery ticket or scratch card

20 Write someone a card to tell them how awesome they are

21 Send someone some surprise flowers. No reason necessary!

22 Comment something positive on Instagram

23 Leave some change in a car park machine for the next person

24 Teach someone to cook a delicious recipe

25 Pay for someone’s shopping

26 Drop some flowers round at your friend’s house

27 Write a little message for your work colleagues and drop them off on their desks before they come into work

28 Offer a friend a lift

29 Offer some words of encouragement to a colleague

30 Sign up to be an organ donor

31 Offer to take a photo of a group of friends or a couple

32 Leave a positive review for a local business

33 Give your seat up on the bus

34 Do a friend’s laundry

35 Start a piggy bank for a good cause

36 Donate to someone’s Just Giving fund

37 Give a friend a non-appearance based compliment

38 Send someone you know a cute self-care package

39 Offer to babysit for free

40 Give someone a big ol’ hug

41 Tell a new mum she’s doing a great job

42 Write a nice comment on a blog post you’ve enjoyed

43 Surprise your parents with a spontaneous visit

44 Text a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while to arrange a catch-up

45 Let someone go in front of you in the traffic

46 Write a positive review of a book you loved

47 Let someone go before you in the queue

48 Volunteer at an animal shelter

49 Post thank you cards to your local hospital to let the staff know they are appreciated

50 Post a small gift through your neighbour’s letterbox

Do you have any random of acts of kindness that have inspired you? Share your kindness story with us!