Between You And Me – Answering Your Problems

Our 'Between You & Me' write-in is a regular series dedicated to answering your personal problems in our best Oprah voice.

When times are pretty sh*tty, we’ll wade in and give you our best pearls of wisdom, without the unsolicited advice – all in the hope that you’ll feel a little less alone in whatever you’re going through. Bottom line: Yes, you’re normal, no you’re not the only one, yes it’s ok to have problems and HELL YES it’s ok to ask for help.

Whether it’s friendship woes, marital struggles, grief, loneliness, body hang-ups, overbearing in-laws, problem-skin, stress or heartbreak, we all know a problem shared is a problem halved and we hope this space is somewhere you can show up, be open and honest and get the emotional back-up you need. Like a cracking pair of pants – we are here to hold you together, so lament and vent away!

So, let’s kick things off with our first BYAM dilemmas…

Keep sending your problems to as we’ll be answering more next month!