Our Favourite Pancake Day Toppings

Please be upstanding for the BEST foodie holiday of the year. A whole day dedicated to eating and celebrating the brunch dish to end all brunches!

Please be upstanding for the BEST foodie holiday of the year. A whole day dedicated to eating and celebrating the brunch dish to end all brunches! A hall pass to eat sweet, spongy layers of beige for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are of course talking about Pancake Day!

Be it a simple dusting of sugar and lemon, the whole maple syrup, fruit and whipped cream shebang or tier on tier of Nutella – we’ve all got our go-to pancake order but if you’re looking to switch up your usual toppings, today’s the day to experiment friends.

Looking for some inspo? Here are the toppings that get us buzzing to get out of bed on Pancake Day!

“I am a big fan of having bacon and maple syrup on my pancakes (I think with this combo you either love it or hate it), but I think it tastes so good! The savoury and sweet mix is a taste sensation. But if I’m feeling just sweet, I’ll always have Nutella and banana, that is another combo which in my eyes is the holy grail of pancake toppings.” Darcey

“I’m a straight-up sugar girl – you can’t mess with a classic like that. Sometimes I go wild and have lemon AND sugar. I just love to be able to actually taste the buttery pancakes in all their glory – if I try getting too adventurous with chocolate and cream and all that jazz, it all becomes a bit overwhelming. I do enjoy a maple and bacon situation with a stack of the thick bad boys though. That I can get on board with!” Lareese

“One word. Nutella. Can’t beat it. BUT If I’m feeling super jazzy (and extra French) the Bonne Maman Chataignes Vanillee spread is divine too.” Maddie

“My usual pancake topping go-to is Greek yoghurt, berries and honey with a dusting of icing sugar and some mint, especially in the more sunny months! During winter though, I often steer more towards something a bit more filling like Nutella or more recently a bit of biscoff spread with some banana. You can melt the biscoff spread in the microwave and pour it over the pancakes like a syrup! A little grating of chocolate on top is always good too!” Zoë

“I stick to the B’s when it comes to pancake toppings, give me biscoff, banana, bacon, blueberries! Top tip is to microwave your biscoff so it’s easier drizzle over the top.” Danielle

To be honest there are very few things I wouldn’t enjoy on top of a delicious fluffy pancake- sweet or savoury, I’m not fussy! If in doubt though you can’t beat a classic. Whipped cream and sprinkles make for both an Instagram friendly and tasty topping which I’ll be eating on pancake day and beyond!” Charlotte

“My eyes are bigger than my belly with pancakes, but when I do go for a stack I love a thick layer of vegan chocolate hazelnut spread topped with banana – it’s great on fluffy pancakes and I always have one too many but if you can’t go crazy on pancake day when can you?!” Lauren

I recently tried a savoury pancake for the first time and I don’t know what I’ve been doing with my life up until now. I urge you to try pancakes with Southern fried chicken!” Holly

What are you having on your pancakes?