Songs To Put A Spring In Your Step

You know those songs that make your body move in a way that is both liberating and ever so slightly alarming?

You know those songs that make your body move in a way that is both liberating and ever so slightly alarming? It starts with a tapping of toe, maybe a modest happy head nod, then before you know it you’re using the Hoover nozzle as a microphone and the kitchen as your stage. Things escalate. Your hair has a mind of its own, neighbours start banging on walls, car alarms start going off. But nothing can hold you back because you’re having such a good time, you’re having a ball. You are Freddie Mercury levels of unstoppable.

Whether you’re knee-deep in DIY and housework, looking for some motivation to get you up and at ’em for the day or simply looking for some feel-good bops to add to your car playlist, these are the songs that are sure to put a spring in your step! Find the Spotify playlist here.

Maddie added…

The Killers – Mr Brightside

You can’t not sing along to this banger, it’s my no1 Karaoke pick. I love it so much my husband and I had an acoustic version as our first dance song at our wedding.

Bon Jovi – It’s my life

If I’m ever feeling down this song is GUARANTEED to make me feel better. I’m a huge advocate of the YOLO mentality and this song is all about living life to the fullest. It’s now or never.

Bruce Springsteen – Dancing in the dark

If there was ever a song to put a spring in your step, it’s this one. Picture a young fresh-faced Courtney Cox rocking out on stage with The Boss and you’ll be bopping along in no time.

Danielle added…

Britney Spears – Work Bitch

This song never fails to get me positively PUMPED. I like to blast it on the way to work when I’ve made the effort to do both my hair & makeup and the sun is shining.

Kanye West / Sunday Service Choir – Every Hour

If you have not listened to this album yet stop what you’re doing and blast it straight into your ear holes. Nothing can get people bouncing like a full-blown church choir. AMEN.

Major Lazer – Light it up

SHABBA, this is song is just great and reminds me of festivals, beer gardens, and sunny wonderful days.

Zoe added…

S Club 7 – ALL SONGS

When the sun starts shining my mood is instantly lifted. This time last year Alfie surprised me by getting S Club to sing at my 29th birthday and now I will forever link this time of year with those songs and the happy memories!

Whitney Houston – I wanna dance with somebody

Do I need to give an explanation with this one? IT’S JUST SUCH A TUNE!

Daryl Hall & John Oats – You Make My Dreams

This song is so happy and bouncy and it instantly puts me in a great mood!

Three Little Birds – Bob Marley

This is my ultimate spring/summer song! I love sitting out in the garden on a beautiful clear day with this blaring and a book in my hand.

Charlotte added…

One Direction – Olivia

A classic (in my opinion) upbeat bop that always features in my feel-good playlists. I have so many happy memories attached to the album this featured on!

The 1975- The Sound

Every time I see The 1975 live it solidifies how infectious and ‘sing-along-able’ so many of their songs are, and The Sound epitomises that.

Ariana Grande – Successful

There’s really nothing not to love about Ariana, and Successful is my go-to whenever I need a confidence boost or hype up before a big day or night out.

Lareese added…

Mariah Carey – Always Be My Baby

This song just makes me wanna bop as soon as it comes on. It reminds me of my mum – she’d always have old school Mariah on when she was ironing away and now I do the same.

Love On Top – Beyonce

It never fails to make me move my body uncontrollably.

Michelle Branch – Everywhere

This just reminds me of being young and carefree in the 00s!

Holly added…

Gabrielle Aplin – Miss You

It never fails to instantly brighten my mood. I honestly feel like skipping when it comes on.

Years and Years – Eyes Shut

Years and Years performed at one of my first Pride events ever and it reminds me of my happiest time of the whole year. I happy cry every time this song comes on.

Whitney Houston – How will I know

Just an absolute bop really isn’t it.

Darcey added…

Drake – Passionfruit

This song reminds me SO MUCH of summer and I instantly feel happy when I hear it. I can literally envisage myself sitting at a bar along the seafront, Pimm’s in hand and the sunshine beaming.

Khalid, Swaa Lee – The Ways

This song has been an all-time fave for a while, it’s just so chilled and uplifting. Also, it’s Khalid so how can you not like…

LeAnn Rimes – Can’t Fight The Moonlight

Coyote Ugly is an ultimate feel-good film and this song is just SO good!

Childish Gambino – Feels Like Summer

As the title says, this song makes you feel like it’s summer, and that always will put a spring in my step.

Lauren added…

Marina – About Love

Kinda obsessed with this tune at the moment, it’s feel-good pop with heartfelt lyrics, and the beat always gets me dancing on the way to work!

Harry Styles – Sunflower Vol. 6

I love the drums in this song from Hazza, it’s so upbeat and makes me feel happy every time I hear it, it’s the definition of ‘BOP’.

David Bowie – Golden Years

This is a classic in my eyes, the finger clicks and groovy sounds just make for easy listening and thinking about all the garden parties and beach BBQs to come!

Find the Spotify playlist here.

What songs put a ‘spring’ in your step?