Our Favourite Literary Instagrammers

One search of the 'bookstagrammer' hashtag and you'll find over five million posts dedicated to books - reading them, styling shelves with them, drinking coffee with them. Evidently, reading has never been cooler and we're v happy about it.

Instagram has become an invaluable source for peer-to-peer reading recommendations and deliciously short reviews we can devour in 60 seconds flat with our morning latte.

Not only can you find outfit inspo and #relatable memes, but you can also peruse the overflowing stacks of your favourite bookfluencers, discovering their latest can’t-put-it-down reads & the ones that missed the mark.

From undeniable classics to new releases and hotly anticipated debuts, it’s thanks to this well-read bunch that our TBR piles are out of control.

Here are our favourite lit-loving accounts to follow. In bookstagrammers we trust!

Maddie Says…

@Cals_book_Account – How could I not talk about Callum. His Instagram account shot to fame following his sister tweeting that he was getting a hard time from classmates who found out he liked writing book reviews. I’m so pleased the internet came through for Cal and that he’s more dedicated than ever to reading and spreading his love of books.

@abigailbergstrom – I’ve known Abby for years having worked on many projects together and she’s without a doubt the most book passionate person I’ve ever met and probably one of the all-around coolest cats out there. Her account features her favourite literary finds, must-reads as well as her incredible roster of powerful writers.

Charlotte Says…

@hannahfgale – Hannah’s stories are the place to be when it comes to widening your literary library! As Hannah has a little one, I trust her book recommendations as instant hits knowing that her sacred spare time would not be wasted on anything not worth reading. She’s also the queen of an aesthetically pleasing bookie flat lay…

@fellaby – Faye Ellaby- Not only do I want everything in Faye’s wardrobe, but I also have bookshelf envy too! I’ve loved every book I’ve read on Faye’s recommendation and trust her reviews in helping me find my next ‘can’t put down’ read.

@meganstaunton – Working in the book world means Megan’s reviews stand high in my estimations, as her expert eye never fails in recommending the hottest new releases and ‘must-haves’ for your morning commute.

Zoe Says…

@PieLadyBooks – Steph lives in Colorado and not only fills her feed with tonnes of book recommendations but bakes the most epic pies with book-related quotes and book themes. Her account is bright, fun and so positive!

@EmmaGannon – Emma has always been my go-to for book reviews and recommendations. Not only is she a successful author in her own right, but she also interviews plenty of fellow authors on her podcast CTRL ALT DELETE too! Absolutely tonnes of book-related content from her!

@InquisitiveBookWorm – I followed Ana recently and love her Instagram account. Every time I see her post about a new book I want to add it to my TBR pile.

@AmysBookShelf – Another gorgeous account that is so cosy and beautifully curated. Amy will leave you with the longest amazon wishlist pile once you’ve been on her account.

Lareese Says…

@Cofeeandbookss – Tanbir Kaur – As well as creating beautiful arty flat lays with books and coffee, Tanbir always offers insightful and intelligent discussions and reviews on her latest reads. She’s influenced my reading list and my latte cravings on several occasions.

@Polly.Florence – Polly basically turned the art of curling up with a good book into an aesthetic. An avid book lover, photographer and ambler, her account is a joy to follow and she’s certainly made me nurture my inner bookworm. If you love nostalgia, books and cosy coffee shops in Cambridge, she’s your girl.

@Hannahfgale – I’m echoing the other girls by citing Hannah Gale as my go-to book guru here but if Hannah’s shared a book she’s loved you better believe I’m heading straight out to get it. Her reviews are always hearty and honest too, which I really appreciate because it helps me decide exactly what to prioritise on my never-ending reading list.

Danielle Says…

@PandoraSykes – Loads of you probably already know Pandora from The High Low or her Fashion background. I love following Pandora for her book reviews and recommendations as I think she’s an incredibly trustworthy source as she actually reads the books. She’s thoughtful and intelligent and will do her best to let you know which books you must read.

@Mylittlebooktique – Possibly one of my faves because her images are so gorgeous! She posts useful information on the books she’s currently reading like the synopsis and her thoughts so far/at the end which always makes me want to read them too. She also tells you what she doesn’t like which is always refreshing

Darcey Says…

@CrimeByTheBook – Abby – This is one to follow if you like crime fiction, as you have probably worked out from her username, that’s exactly what she reviews. I’m not a crime fiction superfan, but I find it interesting to see what new ones are being released! I also really enjoy how aesthetically pleasing her account is. I love a cafe shot, book in hand and coffee on the table, or vice versa.

@SubwayBookReview – This is a really interesting account looking at what people are reading on the subway/underground worldwide. I find it fascinating getting an insight into what other people are reading and why. It’s also different seeing people’s opinions on books before they’ve finished them too and their thoughts on where they think it could go. I really like this aspect of the account.

Holly Says…

@bethsbookclub_ – I only recently started following Beths Book Club because I only really have just gotten into reading. I love it because it’s not pure books, it’s SO aesthetically pleasing and Beth has made me want a wall of books SO much. Very honest reviews and I completely agree with her analysis on books I’ve also read so I am trusting her recommendations from now.

Who are some of your favourite literary Instagrammers?