Spring Cleaning Series: Things We’ve Learned From Mrs Hinch

When it comes to cleaning hacks, Mrs Hinch, AKA Sophie Hinchliffe, trumps the lot. What she doesn't know about housework, isn't worth knowing.

Her passion for cleaning has garnered her an army of fans and when you see many uses she has for a squeegee, you’ll understand why.

Want to know how to clean your house like a hardcore Hincher? Here’s everything we’ve learned from the cleanfluencer herself *grabs Minkeh*

Colour code your cloths

We never thought we’d be creating a colour key for each room in the house, and yet here we are. So simple, so effective. *Purchase some here.

White vinegar is essential

Tastes great on chips, makes light work of your cleaning. There are no losers here.

Zoflora is a way of life

Not all disinfectants are created equal. Pour a capful in your washing machine drum and another cap in your drawer to wash your cloths the Hinch way. You can also dilute it in water in a spray bottle for a quick and easy way to rid all your surfaces of bacteria and germs. *Choose your favourite scent here.

Squeegees aren’t just for showers

You haven’t lived until you’ve squeegeed your hob and your rug. Weekend made! *Grab one here.

Never underestimate washing up liquid

Use washing up liquid (just the suds) and warm water to gently clean the dust off your artificial flowers.

How to tackle a grubby shower screen

Those hard water marks are a stubborn bunch but where’s there’s a Hinch, there’s a way. Spray Viakal on and leave to work for a few minutes. Rinse off and dry with a squeegee or your bathroom cloth. Voila! Buy Viakal here.

Name your cloths

Say hello Freda the flash mop, Buddy, Kermit, ‘Minkeh’ – the gang’s all here.

Your cleaning cupboard is now called your Narnia

Because that’s the kind of respect it deserves.

Your bin doesn’t have to smell like… bin

Bin waft, be gone. Three words: Dustbin Odour Destroyer. Buy yours here.

For silver jewellery that’s lost its sparkle

If your pure silver rings and bracelets are looking a bit dull and grubby, let them soak in half a cup of white vinegar and 2 tbs of baking soda for 2-3 hours. They’ll come up like a new penny.

Get rid of a stinky microwave

Leave a cup of bicarb in a small bowl in your microwave to absorb all the foodie odours. Take it out whenever you’re using it of course and replace when you’re done.

Tumble dryer sheets = life

Soak the sheets in a cap of Zoflora overnight (any scent of your choice will do), wring them out and leave them to dry in the morning then put them inside your cushion covers and pillow slips to keep them smelling fresh. You can also store them with bedding in your airing cupboard to keep them fresh. *Buy yours here.

Lift mattress stains

Using a sieve, sprinkle a liberal dusting of bi-carb over your mattress to draw out dirt, moisture and odours, spot treating any stubborn stains. Leave to work its magic for one hour before hoovering away. Boudoir bliss!

Line your oven

Cleaning the oven is the absolute worst, there’s no getting away from it, but if you put one of these bad boys in the base, you’ll catch any drips and splashes and reduce your cleaning time. They’re dishwasher safe too so you can take it out and give it a clean when you’re doing the rest of the oven. Buy liners here.

Get rid of scuff marks

Window frames and doors accumulate so many black marks and scuffs but this stuff makes light work of cleaning them. Formulated to remove grease, it’s ideal for cleaning oily surfaces. You’re about to have the time of your life with those grotty windy panes!

Revive your carpets

To keep your carpets, rugs and upholstery smelling fresh, spray them with 1001 Carpet Fresh. It banishes every day smells, dries in minutes and there’s no need to hoover. We approve. *Grab the good stuff here.

Look after your pipes

Put a cup of bicarbonate of soda and one cup of white vinegar in the kitchen sink, leave for 10 minutes and flush through with hot water to shift and loosen the build-up of grease and debris.

Make your vases look good as new

Fill your vase with one scoop of baking soda and a splash of white vinegar, swirl the mixture around and leave to work for a few minutes before rinsing. If you’ve got gloves on, get your hands in there and mix up the foam to make sure it reaches the sides.

Scrub Daddy is everything!

Who knew we could have so much fun with just a sponge and an oven. Stick your fingers in his eyes for the ultimate deep clean, treat yourself to a multipack here.

The Pink Stuff

Tea and coffee stains, pots and pans, ovens – you name it. There’s no scuff mark too stubborn for this pot of pink putty.

Here’s how to deep clean your washing machine

Remove the drawer from your washing machine and leave to soak in the sink. Fill your Dishmatic sponge brush with cleaning liquid – the Flash Bathroom Cleaner Liquid Mrs Hinch’s holy grail – and begin scrubbing the area where your drawer sits.

Use a sonic scrubber or old toothbrush to get into the harder to reach places. Then use a tablespoon of bicarb, spray it with white vinegar until it foams and passes through the washing machine pipes. Leave to flush through and then dry any excess with a cloth.

For the rim, pour your cleaning liquid of choice along the rubber edge and wipe with a damp cloth to remove damp and grime build-up. Pop the drawer back in.

Put your cleaning cloths into your machine, pour half a cup of white vinegar straight into the drum, add two tbs of bicarb into the drawer compartment and set on a 90 degree wash.

Clean the front of the washing machine down with your diluted Zoflora spray and a cloth and you’re done. Good as new.

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What’s the best cleaning hack you’ve learned from the one and only Mrs Hinch?

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